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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Six Months of Aromaleigh Ephemera Subscription Boxes- Best Sub Box for Makeup I've found!

When the Sub Boxes Arrive

Hi there!

Due to school/work my blog has been super duper empty.  So I've decided to try and up the ante and blog more.  Especially since I've been able to amass some killer stuff that I want to post.  It's been fun keeping up with new collections and trying to find subscription boxes that are worth the cost every month.  One of those really steals my heart.  Welcome to six months of Ephemera, by Aromaleigh.

The above image is courtesy of Aromaleigh and shows the lovely artwork that appears with each box. Each month the boxes are based on a theme and the quality and care put into these, with the intelligently crafted inserts make these special.  

With a large array of subscription boxes available online that cater to many, these lovingly curated boxes are the mastermind of Aromaleigh founder Kristen Bell and are like jewel boxes.  I've ordered from Aromaleigh for years (as many posts can attest on my blog), so the products are wonderful, high quality, and little gems in a sea of makeup online.

Aromaleigh describes this subscription service as:
Ephemera is a monthly subscription box, new to Aromaleigh for 2015! 
Ephemera is a word of Greek origin that signifies something being of a short-lived nature, making it a perfect name for this offering. 
Each month will include a range of mini jar sizes of brand new, exclusively curated products, featuring a specific theme. Boxes will also include a sneak peek (or peeks) from upcoming product releases. The themed subscription products are exclusive to your monthly box, but we are currently considering options for making products available for general purchase a few months after each release date.
Box contents will vary from month to month, but a sample box contents might contain 2 mini jars of eyeshadow, a mini jar of rouge, a mini jar of cheek or face powder, a sneak peek sample, and a sweet treat for you to enjoy. Boxes may include a sample of a product from a guest indie. This isn’t guaranteed each month, but something we will always try to do!
Once you sign up, you are charged for the next month’s Ephemera on the date of your signup, until such time that you cancel your subscription in your account. (Example: You signed up via Paypal on March 21st and were charged that same date. Your April box will ship the first week of April. You’ll then be charged for the May box on April 21st, and that box will ship the first week of May.)
Please make sure that all information in your PayPal recurring payment profile is up to date, and that there is money in your account. If your payment fails and we can’t get payment from you, your slot will be forfeited to someone on the waiting list.
Additional details about shipping, payment and cancellation: 
  • Limit of one subscription per customer.
  • The cost of the box is $15 plus the cost of shipping, per month.
  • Payment is via PayPal recurring payments. You must maintain your payment method so that monthly charges go through. If payments fail and we can’t obtain your payment, your slot will be forfeited.
  • There is no sign-up fee, or required number of months that you have to join. 
  • Cancellation:  If you decide that you’d like to discontinue receiving Ephemera, simply cancel your Paypal payment profile prior to your next month’s payment.
  • Subscription boxes will begin to ship starting on the first of each month. All boxes will be shipped out by the 7th of each month at the latest. 
I wanted to share my boxes and what they contain- so you can enjoy them too!

First up, January 2015.  Oh and before I get going, keep in mind extras from these boxes are available for purchase if you fall in love.  I'll have links attached to the month/year text just in case you can't resist.

January was inspired by C.S. Lewis' "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe".  Here is a peek of the custom artwork.  Aromaleigh describes the theme and the White Witch as the following: 

"The Narnia series was one of my childhood favorites. Jadis is part Jinn/part giantess and was born into the royal family of Charn. Standing over seven feet tall, her once golden skin turned as white as paper and as pale as icing sugar when she ate the silver apple from the tree of life and became immortal. She is a false and evil queen, as well as a powerful sorceress who has bespelled Narnia into a state of perpetual winter. Her spell can only be broken by two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve… who arrive in Narnia through an old wardrobe."

When you open each box you'll find a beautifully matching detailed description of the month's theme.  There is always a featured indie seller and a treat.  The crinkle paper is color coordinated and each one is a small gift to you.

Usually you'll get four full-sized Aromaleigh products, totaling around $20-$25 if you bought them separately.  For $15 this is a stellar deal.  I have a similarly priced subscription from StarLooks (their sub is called Starbox) and it's also $15.  Usually I'll get 3 full priced items from them but it could be a lipstick, shadow, or a brush.

With Aromaleigh you always get makeup products and they are coordinated to create a look.  Needless to say, I love my Ephemera boxes.  Okay, I'll stop ranting- you want to see what comes inside, right?

*Keep in mind if you click on each photo they will open into a larger version so you can get a closer  peek*

Below is what came with and you can see through the jars the color selections.  Each of these are hand-crafted individual shades for the box only.  This ups the ante in the collectible feature of the box.

You won't find 'regularly available' or duplicate items with Ephemera.  If you go to Aromaleigh's website through any of my posted links, feel free to click on each shade for the month.  There you'll find a wealth of info on the theme, why the colors were developed, and how to wear them.  There is also detailed info on whether the shade is eye or lip safe and vegan status.

Seriously, find another box with this kind of care put into each item.  I just love Aromaleigh for their smart series of collections and Ephemera reflects this every month.

I don't have swatches up, but if you go to the link for each month, Aromaleigh has swatch images so you can get an idea of the color payoff of these lovelies.  They're so pretty I haven't busted into mine yet!

Here are my interpretations of the colors-

Rouge (blush)- Enchanted Turkish Delight- Berry pink with silver reflects
Glisten (highlight)- Pale as Icing Sugar- Taupe bronzed champagne with gold sheen
Eyeshadow- 100 Years of Winter- Rich medieval gold with an olive undertone and citrine cast
Eyeshadow- The White Witch- Move over Elsa, this is a lovely aqua with rich teal and silver undertones and pearled reflects
Indie Offering (lip color)- Dream World Hermetica Ectoplasmic Lips- Witch's Heart- Marsala swirled with wine and bronze
Indie Offering (perfume)- Ten Three Labs- Superstition's Willing Victim-  Wintry peppermint mixed with fresh air and cold.

Next is February 2015.  This box was based on the stirring film 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'.  Go see it if you haven't- it's quirky but good.

Aromaleigh describes the theme as:

"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is an enigmatic and iconic 2004 film about a couple whose relationship goes sour, resulting in Clementine (Kate Winslet) getting a radical procedure in order to erase Joel (Jim Carrey) from her memory. Joel is devastated, and ends up also getting the procedure. Much of the film takes place in his own mind and memory flashbacks. Eventually fate brings the couple back together as they realize that while you can erase someone from your mind, getting them out of your heart is another story…

The title of the film is taken from a stanza (above) of a two hundred year old poem, Eloisa to Abelard by Alexander Pope. It’s the story of a tragic love affair, where forgetfulness became the heroine’s only comfort.

An interesting facet of this film is that the plot is organized by using the color of Clementine’s hair. It reflects the stages of her relationship with Joel, as well as her own varied emotional states throughout their relationship and subsequent re acquaintance. Her hair starts off green, then changes to bright red, then orange, and then finally blue.

It’s these color shifts that inspired the shades for this collection. Because extremely vivid colors can be intimidating, I chose to make the color palette more muted, and employ contrasting highlight iridescence to create duochrome effects. I also wanted these colorful shades to be very versatile- all four shades are eye, lip and cheek safe. That means that the rouge and eyeshadows can be used on your eyes or lips, and cheeks!"

Included is the customized sheet describing the monthly theme, 2 samples, and four full sized products.

Okay the rouge alone is bomb.  It's a vibrant coral and the shadows that accompany it are really stunning.

Here are my takes on the shades offered in February's box:

Rouge (blush)- Blessed Are the Forgetful- Vibrant tangerine with rose gold sparks
Eyeshadow- Remember Me- Persimmon coral with pink and bronze shimmer
Eyeshadow-  Do I Know You?- Deep royal purple with periwinkle undertones and fiery bursts of magenta and gold.
Eyeshadow-  Meet Me in Montauk- Mermaid tail in a jar.  Mid tonal yellow green with a teal undertone and bursts of olive, aqua, and gold.
Indie Offering (perfume)- Alchima Apothecary- Love Drops- Bright citrus with an undertone of rose and rich florals.

I hope you're impressed by now- aren't these pretty?

Third is March 2015.  The theme for this month was Norse mythology.  Dragonborn! LOL  I couldn't help but sneak a poorly referenced Skyrim shout.  Here is the info on theme for March:

"This month’s theme is Norse mythology! The symbol portrayed on the artwork is Odin’s Horn. There is an interesting (but rather long) myth about how Odin came to be represented by this symbol. Odin is the Father of the Norse Gods, similar to Zeus or Jupiter. I plan to do future Norse-themed collections, so if you don’t see colors inspired by a particular deity, that is why. I kind of feel like Loki needs to be represented in a permanent collection, don’t you?
For this theme, I wanted to explore some of the overarching concepts of Norse mythology. The shades I ended up with are the result of my research, as well as watching History channel’s dramatic series, Vikings (season 3 started February 19th). The series focuses on the life of one of the most legendary Viking heros, Ragnar Lodbrock, as well as a good share of insight into Norse mythology. I love mythology, but I became very interested in Norse mythology when I traced my Father’s Scottish ancestry back into the Viking era, and my own Ancestry DNA test yielded Scandinavian results.
While last month’s colors were bright, this months are more sylvan and subdued, inspired by tones in nature and the mystique of times long past. These shades can be worn together or separate- however you feel like channeling your inner shieldmaiden. My favorite item in this month’s box is Valkyrie rouge. You can also wear this as an eyeshadow, and I love it patted on the lips over my favorite lipbalm. Ragnarök is beautiful as a liner, or a smokey eye look paired with Yggdrasil, and with Valhalla as a shimmery highlight in the corner of the eye.
I also crafted these shades to work nicely with other Norse-themed shades from Aromaleigh permanent collections, such as Lagertha, Hervor, Freydis, Blenda, Jormungandr, Fafnir and Nidhoggr. Dragons and Shieldmaidens!"

The artwork is so pretty and I loved the color theme.  Vibrant magenta and gold with black are some of my favorite shades.  Again you get an insert designed to match, a gift box with color coordinated crinkle paper and 2 samples.  Inside were four full-sized Aromaleigh items and a guest indie makeup brand's offering.  Really cool to collaborate with other companies- how many companies work together?  I appreciate that touch.

My description of each item is as follows:

Rouge (blush)- Valkyrie- Warm golden peach with golden bronze flecks
Eyeshadow- RAGNARÖK- Ruddy golden bronze with olive, teal, and magenta reflects
Eyeshadow- Valhalla- Muted yellow gold with iridescent sparkle
Eyeshadow- Yggdrasil- Forest green with rainbow sparkle
Indie offering (lip gloss)- Kiss My Sass- Daydreams lip gloss- Pearlized baby pink sheer tint

The following month was April 2015.  The theme was Floralia- a gorgeous ode to Spring!    The theme is described as:

"Perhaps you may think that I am queen only of dainty garlands; but my divinity has to do also with the tilled fields. If the crops have blossomed well, the threshing-floor will be piled high; if the vines have blossomed well, there will be wine; if the olive-trees have blossomed well, most buxom will be the year; and the fruitage will be according to the time of blossoming.” ~ Ovid, Fasti (V. 261 – 274)

This month’s theme is the Ancient Roman Floralia, a Spring festival to honor Flora- Goddess of Spring, Flowers, and youthful pleasures. The Queen of Spring was a beautiful and serene Goddess. She was married to Zephyrus, the west wind. Flora is the twin sister to Faunus, the god of wild creatures.

She was originally called Sabine, and was known as Chloris to the Greeks. Offerings of milk and honey were made on this day and the surrounding five days, which comprised the Florifertum and Ludi Florales. The city would have been decorated in flowers, and the people would wear floral wreaths or flowers in their hair. Day and night there were games, pantomimes, and theatre with people of all classes in their brightest clothes."

Okay that sounds like a lot of fun.  I want to wear garlands in my hair and dance!  Below is the beautiful artwork to accompany the theme.  It is so Mucha!

This is probably my favorite box of the bunch.  The colors are all duochrome (shade shifters) gorgeous and the peach and pink combo- well if you know me, you know I'm a sucker for those two colors.  The Indie offering is from Glamour Doll Eyes and is a pretty cream eyeshadow.

With the Indie Offering and two shadow samples you get 4 full sized items.  Here is a closer look.

Rouge (blush)- Vernal Roses- Mauve undertoned rosy pink
Eyeshadow- Locus of Desire- True bright peach with rosy undertones and gold sparkle (seriously the peach duochrome of your dreams)
Eyeshadow- Metamorphose- Plume with olive and gold reflects
Highlighter- Realm of Flora- Sheer ivory toned peach with pink sparks and cotton candy pink undertone
Indie Offering- Glamour Doll Eyes- Floralia (cream eyeshadow)- Coral with bright magenta undertone and pink sheen

Have mercy these are pretty.  If you want to see swatches, again go to Aromaleigh's site.  I'll offer up swatches and looks as soon as I get a chance.  I'll probably start with this box as it's so gorgeous.

Next up is May 2015.  This month's box was based on Anne Boleyn the fated wife of Henry VIII. I'm so grateful that Aromaleigh does thoughtful historical boxes and not Kim K's Faves or something vapid.  Might I also add (in case you haven't caught on, you smartsies) each box's samples are a sneak peek to the next month- how cool is that?  Also as you can see the box is beautifully wrapped.  Each month's box comes this way with a coordinated bow of some sort but on the prior boxes I didn't have those attached.  Same with the treats included- some I've shared or enjoyed, others are still in the box as you'll see- but each month there's a goody you can enjoy inside.

Now you get to see this baby in its full glory!  This is what your boxes will look like- pretty and perfect.

The theme is described as follows:

"This month’s theme is inspired by Anne Boleyn: Queen of England, Marquess of Pembroke and ill-fated second wife of Henry VIII. Anne was one of the most controversial women in English history. She was well educated and outspoken, and described as spirited, mischievous and enigmatic. She was also a talented musician, singer and dancer. Her time spent in the service of the French court lent her an exotic appeal and innate flirtatiousness.

During a time in history when women lacked control, Anne claimed control over her own body and her own destiny. She established boundaries as often as she crossed them, creating unease and tension amongst the court, and her quarrelous marriage. Ultimately, she was unable to give Henry the son and Tudor heir he desperately needed and their marriage ended tragically. She was publicly executed on patently false charges of witchcraft, incest and adultery on 19 May 1536. Her daughter would eventually become England’s greatest queen, Queen Elizabeth I."

Below is what was inside.

The items in this box were really stunning.  You get two eyeshadows, a rouge/blush, and a highlighter/glisten along with a perfume and two samples.  You can see why I love these- each is just a great deal.

Rouge (blush)- Lady Perseverance- Softened tangerine with pink and gold undertone (muted rouge, quite lovely)
Highlight (glisten)- Marquess- Hold the phone this is so pretty!  Mauve and gold blend together with a pink sheen that will seriously knock your socks off
Eyeshadow- La Plus Heureuse- Gorgeous velvety deep purple with gold spark overlay and bronze reflects
Eyeshadow- Besotted- Metallic candied wine with coral and pink sparks and marsala undertones
Indie Offering (perfume)- Black Violet- Enigma- Vanilla top notes with citrus undertone- like an orange cream pop

Each of these boxes is really a complete look.  Either you get a fragrance or a perfume and samples to try.  I love how you can get a full face with each box.

Next up and the last one I have to date is the June 2015 box.  HOLY MERMAIDS!  You say mermaid and I say, "Yes!"  I love mermaids.  Adore.

Does that mermaid look familiar?  Well if you've wondered why Starbucks has a two-tailed mermaid, this month's box will help you figure it out.  Melusine, this month's theme has a history you'll read about and thank you again Aromaleigh for bringing a smart, beautiful selection to my house.

Melusine's story in this box is described as follows:

"This month’s theme is inspired by the medieval legend of Mélusine, the half fairy/half human freshwater spirit who is said to have founded the house of Lusignan. Her tale is told all throughout Europe, in numerous incarnations. Sometimes she is depicted as a serpent, or a dragon, and other times as a twin-tailed siren. In French history, many royals, including the families of Plantagenet, Angevin, D’Anjou and DeVere; all the way back to the days of Charlemagne; have claimed descent from Mélusine’s family lineage. You can also read multiple versions of the tale as told in various countries, here: http://www.pitt.edu/~dash/melusina.html  The color inspiration for these shades is that of complex, iridescent color layers, with an ancient echo. While formulating, I imagined the depth of the French forests of Poitou, the stone walls and tapestries of Mélusine’s Lusignan, and the resplendent marble and mosaics of her enchanted bath with her serpentine scales glimmering in the moonlight as she disappeared into the night." 

This box came with four full sized products, a sample, treats, and a lovely lip sample.

Here is how I would describe the items in June's Melusine box:

Rouge (blush)- Lamentation- Blush pink with lavender and mauve undertones, silver sparks
Eyeshadow- Bain Enchnatee- Rose hued mid-tone lavender with with hushed grey undertones
Eyeshadow- Melusine- Yellow Golden green with blue and copper undertone
Eyeshadow- Spectre de la nuit- Pale mauve/grey lilac with coppered wine shift.
Indie Offering (lip color)- Dreamworld Hermetics lipcolor- Dark Mermaid- Maroon with green/blue duochrome, sheer lip color.

I've not had any misses with these boxes and with shipping the total is around $18.00 for me each month.  As you can see these are beautifully detailed and coordinated.  As of right now subscribing is closed but you can buy extras at Aromaleigh's site if there are items from each box you like.  I love this subscription and hope you do too!

Have a great day,

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