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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Platinum Hair + Natural Makeup!

Hi there!

Do you have a version of yourself that feels the most 'you'?  Is it a hair color- style of clothing, or even a movie and you think to yourself, 'Man, that is so ME!'  I finally found the hair color that reflects who I am and it is such a boost of confidence.  Take a look at my dream hair color and the natural makeup I wore to a wedding where I helped the bride with her makeup.

I love that dang clip from Dinner at Eight.  She's so vicious- it's hard to think it was the early 20th century.

Jean Harlow was the one to coin the term 'platinum blonde' via the Hollywood machine and her tortured and beautiful blonde hair.

Thankfully I don't use ammonia and whatnot nowadays- but the results are almost the same.  Not quite Marilyn's 'pillow case white' circa 1962, but it's my Tiannie 2015.

The salon photo below had a more warm lighting- but in natural light my hair has white and platinum mixed with white-gold tones.  This was a saving grace hair moment.  I've been dragging around with this tired red-washed-out look that I put on my hair via a box (cringe, I know, I know) with about 2-3 inches of greying ashy blonde regrowth.  My own natural, very lovely middle aged hair.  *shudder*

I sat down in the seat before this lovely sylph of a girl that looked EXACTLY like Gwen Stefani and hoped and prayed she could give me light, spun sugar hair (but still healthy).  She had this quiet grace about her and she confidently said, "I know blonde".

Girl, let me tell you.  She do.

Thank you Taylor from Metropolitan for making my platinum dreams come true (she's this fabulous Gwen Stefani lookalike who had confidence and style in spades)!  Look at her there in the background near the cupboards- she is hotcha mama and a mean warrior with the hair products.

Below is more how it looks if you were to see me on the street.  I had tapered bangs cut, lash extensions to 70% of my natural lashes and suddenly I had this Swedish girl glow.  I can't get over how much I love it.  Suddenly, I feel like ME.

My friend from work invited me to do her daughter's bridal and wedding makeup- so here I am posing for Instagram (we all do it, lol) before I ran out the door.  Oh thank you platinum hair for making me feel like a babe!  Below is the final look.  I wanted a dramatic eye and a really neutral glossy pink/brown lip.

What is your signature look or hair?  Doesn't it make all the difference when you feel like yourself? Suddenly I have a new zest for life and I want to work out, eat better, swish my hair around, and be sassy.  I've not felt that way for a while, so this is a real treat.  Let me know what brings out your inner you.

Face, Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet foundation in Ivory with MAC Studio Fix NC20 powder with foundation to set.
Highlight, NARS Albatross
Blush, Nyx Taupe blush and Espresso on top for some color
Eyes, The Tarte 16 color Amazonian Clay palette from 2014 holiday (purple gold packaging with flowers on it.  Okay, yeah that describes like very Tarte palette, sorry but the new Energy Noir palette is gorrrrgeous)
Liner, Urban Decay 14/7 liner in Rock Star on bottom and liquid liner in Perversion on top
Lips, Liner Sweet Bean by Nyx with Revlon gloss in Sunbaked (the print was eeeensy so I couldn't even read it but it's a lovely cool lavender brown)

Have a great day,


Normal Girl Nails said...

You look amazing - that hair color/cut is PERFECT for you!

My "me" color is actually a bunch of colors - rainbow colors! I am adventurous enough to try anything, but a mix of red, orange and pink is probably the most ME. However, I work in a conservative environment and unnaturally colored hair is out, so I just sit with my mopey brown and dream of rainbow hair!

So glad you found the thing that makes you feel like YOU!

Baroque In Babylon said...

Oooh thank you NGN!!! Go get a wig in the style and colors you like and rock that shiz!