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Monday, July 20, 2015

Lime Crime Velvetine Dupes- Move Over Anastasia Liquid Lips- Here come LA Girl Matte Pigment Gloss! Full Set Swatches!

Hi there!

I'll be quick and brief- because you came here to see swatches, not read makeup prose.

LA Girl Cosmetics came out with these liquid lipsticks that dry into a velvety matte.  Sound familiar? It seems it started with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks, the Jeffree Star lippies, now Nyx is coming out with their version, Suede Matte...on and on- but LA Girl has a great finish, super duper cheap!

So look at my arm with all of these lovely colors lined up!  I decided to take a break from playing Zoo Tycoon on the Xbox with my daughter to show you these pretties.  I know, fascinating life I lead.

From bottom to top: Black Currant, Stunner, Timeless, Dreamy, Fleur, Fantasy, Bazaar, Iconic, Playful, Tulle, Rebel, Backstage, Secret, Frisky, Obsess, and Instinct

A mirror shot from Instagram and each tube on top of a polka dotted sweater from Target that I love and a promo shot for comparison.  Oh it's a W in the middle.

Promo pic in a larger size to show each shade as though the smaller image wasn't spammy enough.

If you're interested, here are some dupes for brand names that cost a bit more that LA Girl can give you for a whole lot less-

Lime Crime

Red Velvet = Frisky
Wicked = Secret
Pansy = Timeless
Suedeberry = Obsess

Jeffree Star
Velour Liquid Lipstick:

Redrum = Frisky
714 = Fantasy
Prom Night = Tulle
Celebrity Skin = Dreamy
Rebel = Stunner

Anastasia Beverly Hills
Liquid Lipstick:

Potion = Black Currant
Party Pink = Tulle
Spicy = Instinct
Craft = Rebel

I'm sure there are loads more I can compare- but safe to say these are an affordable option.  If there is a certain high end color you love- check out LA Girl.  You might be surprised to find your favorite for a lot less!

Have a great day,


Margo @ PrettyPanda said...

Thanks for the swatches! I am super curious about these especially because I won't buy from lime crime!

Baroque In Babylon said...

You're welcome Margo!