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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Colour Pop Highlighters, glow glow glow! Swatches!

Hi there!

Wowza so I finally (FINALLY) finished my BSN in nursing.  I will post on it later but first I wanted to share my latest find:  Colour Pop Highlighters!  These lovely things are the same creamy, mousse-like formula as Colour Pop's eyeshadows and blushes, but they gleam and glisten- bringing dewy skin in a lovely range of shades.

I have a few of them in mostly peachy or caramel hued shades that I thought would work for my pale, NC15 skin.  These little babies are about 4 grams of lovely subtle shimmer that will make your skin look lit from within.

These are $8.00 US each and sell at www.colourpop.com.  Take a look at the five I picked up!

Swatches are below on my hand in natural daylight without primer.

Here's a little close up for ya.  You can see they each look pearlized with Highly Waisted and Butterfly Beach having a more shimmery effect.  These are rather heavy swatches (2-3 swipes on top of each other)....your application will be softer and buildable should you like, for your skin tone.

I recommend a nice firm stippling duofibre brush or a damp sponge as these aren't powdery and need something to adhere to.

Let's take a look at these in the pan so you can see texture and color.

Highly Waisted- peachy dusky gold

Butterfly Beach- warm rose gold

Smokin' Whistles- Champagne with gold shimmer

Spoon- Flesh toned opal

Teasecake- rosy golden peach

These tend to last and will set to a powder finish (i.e. not stay creamy all day).  I love to use my Becca Opal highlighter on top to really pick up the glow.  Let me know if you have any of these.  I enjoy them, use them as blushes and even as an eyeshadow base.  Very versatile, affordable, and wear-friendly product!

Have a great day,


Margo @ PrettyPanda said...

Congrats on your BSN!!! That is awesome!

I am jealous of your haul! It's awesome. I picked up Teasecake and adore it!

Luna said...

Beautiful swatches ! I have bought a bronzer and a highlighter and they are amazing , as all their products are :)

Baroque In Babylon said...

Thank you Margo- it meant the world to finish! WHEW! I love ColourPop Luna, I'm about where I wanted to be in their shade selection as far as ordering, but every color I love.