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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New Collections from Aromaleigh- Galactic Eyeshadow!

Hi there!

So yeah, I've not posted in eons.  BUT I have been working, working like a busy bee to finish school and be smart and swift at work.  Both are keeping me humming along and leave little time for blogging.

BUT I wanted to share a new collection from Aromaleigh.  I love Aromaleigh.  I always have.  They make beautiful glimmering products with such quality, intelligence, and thought.

Here is Galactic- a lovely new collection of 10 eyeshadow shades inspired by the cosmos.


*Please note all product images are from Aromaleigh*

Here are each individual shades- lovely, lovely!

Aromaleigh writes that this collection of duochromes (shade shifting colors) are inspired by:

"The visual inspirations for the colors are exquisite color composite imagery from NASA- Hubble, Spitzer, JPL, etc.  In naming the shades, sometimes I named the color after the constellation in which it appears, while other times I gave it the Latin name for it’s English counterpart, as in naming “Aquila” (eagle in Latin) for the Eagle Nebula, or “Oculus” (eye in Latin) for the Cat’s Eye Nebula. Why? Because Latin sounds cooler, admit it."

I love the thought behind each color and the images of the cosmos are just stunning.  What beauty there is beyond our little planet!

Each shade and the entire set as a collection are available in various sizes from samples to full-size 5 gram jars.  Take a look and a sample set of all 10 is only $10- a little hump day treat.

Let me know if you have ordered from Aromaleigh or any products you are looking at!  Don't forget to grab something from their clearance (link to shop HERE)- those foundations make a stunning blush or contour powder!

Here is an Aromaleigh look I did- you can see how luminous and lovely these products are!

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Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy this new collection!

Have a great day,

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