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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Colour Pop Lippie Stix + Pencil Swatches! Wet, Lumiere, Frida, Cake and More!

Hi there!

Holy moly I am in love with Colour Pop! Basically everything is $5 per item and you can load up your cart for very little.  After $35- shipping is free!  Pick one or pick a bunch- I promise you'll be addicted once you start.


I've been seeing loads of raves about Colour Pop and honestly, I couldn't get into it.  I've been hoarding Too Faced palettes as of late and thought I'd get to Colour Pop if I had an itching to pick up a lip pencil or something.  Then I ordered some Lippie Stix and some Lip Pencils in matching shades, la tee da, no big deal, easy as you please.  Then they arrived and I realized these were a gold mine!  If you're into matching items like lip liners and lipsticks this will fill your heart with so much matchy-matchy glee- I know it did mine.  It was fun to scroll through all the great colors and as they were so affordable you can get a good haul in for not much cash.  Seriously- $5!

I ordered and like I said, they arrived.  Complete with super cute handwritten note and lots of little white tubes. The Lippie Stix are slim, very opaque and not waxy in formulation.  The pencils are buttery without being crumbly or too soft. Basically, all your lip wishes come true with Colour Pop! That sounds grandiose, I get it- but really I was shocked and sooo impressed.  Impressed enough to order again.  And again.  No wonder everyone was all aflutter.

Here's my lip haul from Colour Pop so far!

I'm going to show you hand swatches of the Lippie Stix and the pencils.  I'll write the name of each shade with the pencil and the lippie color on my hand.  No filters, regular daylight as I sit in my living room and my daughter practices dance in the background listening to Katy Perry.  I think my Boston Terrier Molly is likely around too.  I'm not sure if she's doing dance moves....could be!

First off the color Cake- a lovely salmon-ey pink that is just well, perfect as cake.

Then just for fun and because I was appropriately heavily spackled, a swatch on the face so you can see what it looks like 'on'.

First a crazy eyed, blurry one until I get the hang of how to take selfies again...

Now let's hope they're not so blurry from here on out. :)  That pink flag is my Seahawks Super Bowl flag that I'm hanging on the wall out of support for the team.  I won't EVEN go into that last play. I was bummed like the rest of the 12's out there.  Okay so more than bummed.  Hey, I've still got my flag up- go Hawks!

Now on to the lipsticks!

Next up is Frida, a gorgeous plummy mauve that I think gives MAC Twig a run for its money.

And out of nowhere comes the girl with her happy face!  I love her!

Although the next shade Lumiere looks very similar to Frida it actually is a deeper more rosy shade. It's a great 'lips but better' shade.  I love this one.

Oh my goodness if you love hot pink then you're going to really like the next one.  Rocket is a screaming true hot pink that is well, just fabulous.  I love it too!  And my daughter is ready to do a toe touch in the background of the photo above- crazy girl.

One thing I should mention that I really appreciate about Colour Pop- okay a few things.  One, their shipping is reasonable and $30 is not much to spend to get free shipping (at least to my place or in the US).  Also, what you see is really how the lipstick turns out.  It doesn't slide like clay-esque play makeup (ahem, Lime Crime) and it's not slippery or oily (like a Nyx round lipstick)- it's just, really really nice.  And $5.  Really.

I hate it when I can't hold my camera and it blurs.  I only have these two photos of Rocket- sorry it's like choosing the lesser of two evils.

Shame about that because really Rocket is my top pick right now.  It's such a fabulous pink- almost a coral in some lights.  Dang, I love that one too.

Up next is I Heart This- or use the emoticon if you'd like.  It's a lush raspberry that leans magenta and I wore it all day today with only 1 touch up!  One!

Oh golly another blurry one.  Have mercy.

The only other gem of a photo I have is this next one....okay note to self:  take more than two shots and check for blurriness.  You've only been blogging for 6 years now, sheesh.

The next shade is a fun one- it seemed to me that this color, Wet, is what MAC Viva Glam Rihanna II tried to be.  It's a silvery gleamed out beige brown that really rocks.  I love it and the liner is like MAC Stone but intense.  Seriously if you're on the fence about this one give it a shot, I think you'd really like it in person.  It definitely deepens as you layer it.  So keep that in mind when you see the swatch on my hand- you can have this be your 90's go to shade by wearing it lightly, or go full on vamp with a deeper application.

Last one to show is a velvety brown color- Pitch.  It's melted chocolate kisses and gives Lime Crime's Velvetine Salem a run for its money.  If you wanted the color without the shrinking, drying feeling of a matte- this is your winner!

Hope you enjoyed browsing through my Colour Pop lip collection thus far.  It was fun to come home after a day of class and swap out lip colors.  Out of all of these I love Rocket the most, Pitch second, and Lumiere third.  I Heart This is a close tie for third- but overall I couldn't find a flaw with any of these.  They all apply equally well and have density of pigment without drying.  No real strong smell either- just fresh lip color.

Have you tried Colour Pop?  Let me know if you do!

Have a great day,



Oh wow! Great pics and swatches. I already had Wet in my cart for the day when I can finally place my order but yours is the first pic I've seen of it in use and I love it. These are all such great colors on you!

Cin Seven said...

Great swatches!

Baroque In Babylon said...

Thank you girls!

Margo @ PrettyPanda said...

Loved your haul!! I am so in love with Lumiere!! Sadly my Cake was a little, well Cakey, but its looks great on you! I picked up Wet as well and also Bichette, which I highly recommend!

Meg B said...

I'm obsessed with this brand! So excited for their blushes to launch :D

Baroque In Babylon said...

Meg did you get any blushes or bronzers or highlighters lol? The list goes on and on!

GenTM said...

Your blog is so much fun to read, this post especially! I was browsing through looking for Colourpop reviews and found your blurry selfies instead haha...I should have skipped your blog and read someone else's but because your selfies brought me so much joy I said what the heck I might as well read the review. Aw and I love it. Great review! Next time I'm going to get Frida and I Heart This.