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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hello there!

Busy busy bee around here.  I'll be on hiatus for a while until I get some blogging time.  I'm super duper excited that I am now working as a nurse and in the best unit I could ever hope for.  It's the hugest dream come true but also the most frightening/exciting thing I've done.  I want to give 110%. Soooo you might not see/hear much from me but it's all dream building around here.  However, when I get time, here's what I want to share:

Vice 3 (a bit more)
OCC Lip Tars and Polish
Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette
Starlooks/Wantable/Ipsy/Lip Monthly boxes from like you know, the entirety of 2014
J Lynne Foundations (dreamy stuff)
Aromaleigh collections (gorgeous, gorgeous!)
MAC Lip Trios
...etc and yonder and non...

Anyway, lots going on and I'll get to it, but there is a time and season and right now my season is my work.

Have a great day,

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