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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette coming soon 2014!

MakeupTalk via FB

Hi there!

I just saw word online that Urban Decay is going to release (ahem, likely next month) the Vice 3 palette!  I have Vice 1 and Vice 2 and they are always lovely in their packaging and product selection.  I found via Urban Decay's site (before they removed it) the lowdown on the third installment of the Vice palettes


Take a look at what this new palette is all about-  and it's coming to Urban Decay's website 9/13/14, woo!

UD Instagram

Below is a quick screencap I did while working on my Stats/BSN homework.  $60 US is going to be the price and it looks like this is going to be a great color selection.

The outside packaging looks to be neon citrine and metal with a raised jeweled title on the front lid.  I reaaaally like this.  As you know this is mah color right now!

Below is the inside offering.  I don't know if the lid will have a mirror or not.  Here's a close up of the lovely neon brush that comes with it after the palette shot.

A close up of the goodies- I love Last Sin, Dragon, DTF, and Alchemy.

I know some of you long-time readers (all 2 of you ha ha) might remember my anti UD rant.  I still don't support flagrant drug use but I'm also not a stick in the mud.  I am a sucker for good makeup. Are you loving this new Vice 3??  Let me know if you want to pick it up!

P.S.  I'm also hearing these are metallic shades.  Does that affect whether you love it or not?  I love a good metallic- I'll be getting this as soon as I can!

Have a great day,


Meg B said...

I always get to excited for the fall because so many holiday palettes come out! Between this and the Lorac Pro Mega Palette, I'm gonna be broke lol!

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's awesome to see the photos of the vice 3 palette. But where did you get the screenshots? On the urban decay website? Vice 3 is not listed there! It's a miracle :-) And also, you are the only blog that posted pictures, and there is just one comment, how weird is that...

Anonymous said...

Hey thank you so much I really like the vice series and this actually looks promising. Thank you so much I am so excited and can't wait for this yea. I said I was not buying anymore palette but it seems as it goes out one ear and out another damn!!! Thank you.

Natalye said...

thanks for posting these great pictures, most of the sites don't have pictures up yet.

Anonymous said...

I am also excited for the two faced palette I think is Everything nice palette which follows my other favorite palette a few of my favorite things!!! Also if anyone like lorac their coming out with a lorac Mega pro palette I think that's the name which is a very good deal and color selection! !!!

Baroque In Babylon said...

I did some online sleuthing and UD listed this briefly and then took it down creating a cache file that I could take my own screenshots from. All the images I saved from UD's site minus the screenshot which I made from my PC. I'm excited it's out Sept 13th! Woo!

dream-seek- believe said...

These colours look amazing! Wow!