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Friday, August 15, 2014

Rimmel Stay Glossy and 3D Glosses: BEST Drugstore Gloss!

Rita via Tumblr

Hi there!

Rimmel London is a fun drugstore brand that really has some quality products.  The Stay Glossy and 3D glosses are my favorite.  I prefer them over MAC Lipglasses and the best part about them is that they are under $5 per gloss- which makes stocking up easy to do.

Here are 9 of my favorite Rimmel Glosses!

I have a few of the 3D and the Stay Glossy glosses which generally are sold together.  I always buy mine at Wal-Mart.  The Stay Glossy glosses are all in the same row as the 3D and it's hard to tell which are which.  Really there isn't much of a difference- packaging/price are the same.  The 3D formula has a nice color switching or duochrome effect.  The feel of these glosses are what make them so nice.  I use these instead of lip balm 3/4 of the time.  They don't really have a fragrance, they don't stick, and they are easy to find if I run out.

If you're looking for a new gloss to try, these just might be the very thing to pick up.  The 9 I have are below.

Sharing these will go three at a time, starting with the pale nude shades.  All swatches were just 3-4 sweeps from the wand to the back of my hand.  They were photographed in my office through filtering sunlight via my window which casts a yellow tone in the morning.  If the light is cooler I was further from the window when I took the photo.  But darn it, nothing captures the gleam like full sunlight!

Starting up with:  Popcorn for 2, Non-Stop Glamour, and Diamond Dust.

1.  Popcorn for 2:  Silky pink beige with green and blue shift
2.  Non-Stop Glamour:  Golden pink with pink and gold shimmer
3.  Diamond Dust:  Pale pink-peach with silver and pink shimmer

Each of these are a nice nude gloss.  There is a slight leaning towards pink with Non-Stop Glamour and a more nude with Diamond Dust.  Popcorn for 2 has a great green shift that is really catching in the light.

Next up are Backrow Smooch, Love At The Movies, and Lights, Camera, Action.  These are more vivid and oh heavens but I love that orange in the last one....it's just lovely and unique!  These look super bright but when applied they sheer out so that they don't look too bright.  I love colors like this at the beach or swimming.  They add enough pop to brighten without looking overdone.

4.  Back Row Smooch:  Hot pink with violet sparkle
5.  Love At The Movies:  Warm tangerine with fuchsia sparkle
6.  Lights, Camera, Action:  Coral with hot pink and coral sparkle

You guys look at that glimmer!

The last three are more deep shades.  I have Treasure Hunt, Timeless Allure, and My Eternity.  The names are kinda wonky and not as film themed, but shoot I don't care what it's called half the time- I just wear it.

7.  Treasure Hunt: Bright true red with fiery sparkle
8.  Timeless Allure: Cranberry with pink sparkle
9.  My Eternity: Grey mauve with lavender shift and silver shimmer

If you're wanting a nice little dupe for the Viva Glam Rihanna red lipglass from MAC then Treasure Hunt could do very well at that.  It's not as mega glittery but the color and sparkle are very similar.

Here's a recap of all of the glosses- in the same order:

The ones that are 3D are:  Popcorn for 2, Backrow Smooch, and Love At The Movies.  There is only one shade I'm missing which is Red Carpet Glam.  I guess someone will have to twist my arm to go get it.  Ha!

Shop these Glosses

Hopefully you'll love these too.  I hope to get a few more in darker colors.  I really don't have a complaint about them other than I wish there were a few more creme or opaque options, but hey- I'm a glitter kind of gal. Thankfully none of these are gritty with that kind of stuff- they're just slick and glossy!

Have a great day,


Ashley said...

I'm wanting timeless allure, but my drugstores haven't got them yet :/
Thanks for the swatches though, now I know what I want!

Baroque In Babylon said...

You bet Ashley- These are my go-to glosses and you will love Timeless Allure.

dream-seek-believe said...

Will definitely be looking for some of these on my next splurge; thank you! xx

Ines C said...

My eternity and Love at the movies are absolutely to die for! And I totally agree with you, I'm not impressed with the Mac lip glasses either. Loved this post!


Baroque In Babylon said...

Hi Ines- thank you! Let me know if you get a few- I'm always appreciative of product feedback.

Cailee M. said...

Hmm, don't hear much about these! They're beautiful! They for sure have that same dimension that the MAC dazzleglasses are so popular for. I might have to check out Love at the Movies. It's right up my alley lol.

Baroque In Babylon said...

Cailee they are really nice! They don't feel gummy like lipglasses do and they're so cheap!