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Friday, August 1, 2014

E.L.F. Disney Haul: Ariel Makeup Bag + Snow White Lip Set!

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Hi there!

Let me first get out of the way that Snow White is a masterpiece- it's hand drawn and a miracle of animation. As an artist and someone who loves the talent behind film- Snow White has stood out as a modern marvel. Rant about fabulousness done.  Now I want to share my eensy little Walgreens E.L.F. Disney haul- read more after the jump!

Le Jump!

So here's what I picked up, along with 3 Mango ICE water drink thingies (one for me, two for my boys) and returning my week old RedBox of Pompeii.  Uh yeeah.  I could've just bought it for the rental fee.  Boo.

Snow White Lip Set, $4.99 (poison apple not included)

Ariel wristlet/pouch, $6.99 (Ariel not included)

I'll have swatches for you of the lip colors and a few more angles of the bag.  Let me say this though- these were hard to find!  The Ariel stuff was pretty much sold out and the Snow White was plentiful- for some reason no one wanted her stuff.  I loved the packaging of this, but I want to remind myself that these are ELF products so the makeup is going to more often than not be kinda sketchy in quality.

However, if you find the bags or brushes- pick them up, the Ariel bags are beyoootiful.  The bottom of the bag has a holographic quality that reminded me in my almost-40-wistfulness-that-I'm-too-old-for of Ariel's tail.  Oh to be a mermaid.

The art on the bag is so lovely.  I love the almost watercolor effect and the ink sketch look of black and white.  Ariel is such a babe.

So that's the Ariel bag.  Oh and I should mention it's similar to a pencil bag and I imagine it would hold brushes/liners/pencils quite nicely for travel.  Now, here is a closer look at the Snow White lip set.

Consider it has parabens and more ingredients you can't pronounce- this isn't fancy stuff or for you paraben non-friendly girls.  Synthetic beeswax though?  Seriously?  Fake beeswax?  I can't get over that.

The stain is a crayon/marker type deal, the gloss has a doe foot, and the balm comes in a plastic screw top jar.  I really love the Scandinavian look of the packaging.  It's quite pretty.

Swatches were on my hand, zero primers, and rather shifty rainy day sunlight.

Each had a nice consistency and let me tell you that stain stays.  It wouldn't come off until I scrubbed with soap and water.  I'll also mention that these aren't too glaringly red.  They are a deep, cherry-esque red with a depth to it that was very appealing.  It wasn't garish in the slightest.

So I applied the products as directed on the box- first the stain, followed by the balm, and then the gloss.  I was really surprised at how well it all applied and stayed on.  This is like doomsday lipstick- you put it on once and it lasts through anything.

Here is the lip stain-

*this was like a watery marker type item.  I had to layer 2-4 times to get this opacity.  You can definitely layer for a more bitten to nearly vibrant look.

It isn't drying, but it does dry and you don't have any slip to your lips at all.  After the stain dried, I applied the balm and it was nice and supple without stickiness or a sense of vaseline on the mouth.  You can see the shine and texture it added on top of the stain.  It also deepens the color.

The last step was to apply the gloss.  At first I thought the balm was enough.  Yet the gloss does put the finishing touch.  Take a peek-  I can't keep trying to make these pouty faces so I end up looking like I'm going to pass out or growl.  Just bear with me on that one, please :)

Okay here's a more normal one:

You can see how pretty all of these products are together.  For something I bought on a whim to review, I really like how nice it all is!  Thanks ELF!

Just for fun I compared Snow White's lips to mine.  The photo below shows how they compare.  It's a slightly darker and less true red shade, but it comes very, very close if you're just eyeballing it.

Did you pick up anything from this collection?  If not, it's pretty affordable and a fun set to collect if you're a Disney loving sort.  For not planning to get anything, now I'm sure glad I did.

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Have a great day,


Ashley said...

I think the snow white stuff just came out, so that's why it wasn't picked over :) Snow White's my favorite princess so I hauled the beauty book, the lip set, and the 6-pan eyeshadow set...the artwork is stunning! The quality is okay, as you said it's elf, but primer with nyx jumbo eye pencil and I think they'll be great :) eh who am I kidding I bought them to hoard ;) but I was wondering if your lip gloss has a funky smell? I cant tell if it's super mint or super stank lol
*oh and I'm a long time lurker, I really do love your blog! Just too chicken to comment I guess!*

Baroque In Babylon said...

Thank you Ashley! Comment anytime- I love it. I was so surprised at how well this applied and stayed. I wish there were more still in stock- but in my area most of it is sold out.