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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ebay Haul: In Love With Neon Yellow


Hi there!

Okay so school starts next week- yippee!  Only 2 more semesters until BSN-RN.  Pinch me again that I've gotten this far.  I'm loving that fall is on its way.  I'm into a few things for the season.  One of them being neon yellow.


Neon yellow isn't the same as that green tennis ball shade.  It's not even overtly lemon.  It's like citrine with a bit more yellow.  That makes no sense.  I hate trying to describe colors- it's easier to show a photo.

Behold neon yellow-


That is one eye searing block of neon.

In keeping with this color- here is my latest Ebay haul.  I wanted this color to be the basis with feminine touches like fretwork, gold, and a bit of studding.

Ebay, $20

Ebay, $11

I always warn a bit when shopping on ebay.  If you're buying shoes (especially internationally) make sure you measure your foot and keep in mind Asian sizing is always smaller than US sizing.  Order a half size up.  Also be warned ankle buckles are often slides that hook onto each other, not true buckles.  If you're okay with those types of 'surprises' and plan for them- you can get great steals- like Valentino dupes for very low prices.  I'm on pair 3 of Rockstud dupes in different colors.  I love the look- even if it is slightly late in the game.

The purse is darling and with the gold-tone and open worked PC (vinyl) I can tuck the chain and use it as a clutch or wear it as a thin purse on the go.  I'm okay with ordering them in slightly different shades because the base color is so similar- I think it'll look great together.

I'd pair these with the following-

Neon Yellow

If you want to shop this look here are some items to check out-

What color is inspiring you for the season?  I'm so excited to get these and when they arrive I'll do my best to put a look together.  I get shy and don't like to post pictures of me all doodied up- but I'll try.  I'm so excited for fall- scarves, pumpkin flavors and scents, and smore's by the fire!  Woo!

Have a great day,


Ines C said...

LOVE THAT NEON! I'm inspired by neon blue this season! Already started my collection with a shoulder bag!

I'm so happy I found your blog! You've got a new fan!


Ashley said...

Only you could find things that make me like yellow at all, let alone neon! I guess you just have good taste :) I'll be looking forward to an ofotd post! Maybe a post on ebay shopping tips would be cool too, if you find the time of course!

Baroque In Babylon said...

Thank you Ines!

Ashley lol- I should do more outfits when I ring up the courage :)