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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dupes for MAC Beet Lip Pencil!

Hi there!

I wanted to throw out there a quick look at some dupes for MAC's Beet Lip Pencil!

Here is the MAC original- described by MAC as a vivid reddish-pink.  $16.00 for 1.45 g of product.

Beet Lip Pencil, MAC Cosmetics
Beet Lip Pencil, MAC Cosmetics

Here is a photo I created trying to find a good dupe for Beet.  I wanted it to be cost effective (otherwise, why bother, just buy the MAC pencil) and easy to find.

My results:

Beet- bright pink red

Closest dupe:  ELF Bitter

$1.00 (seriously) and can be found HERE.  It doesn't seem like it would be a dupe, but based on my eyeballs it really was.

But does it act like MAC?  For $1.00 I wasn't expecting much, but you can see from the photo that application was more smooth and less crumbly.  Wear time is very similar and shoot- for 1/16th of the price what are you waiting for?

Other contenders:

Besame Cerise:  Hard to find, expensive, but hey it's similar
Nyx Plush Red (long pencil):  More pink, lighter in shade, similar tone
Nyx Plush Red (short pencil):  More red, similar opacity, but more vivid
Starlooks Cherry Cobbler:  (Starbox only, not available online)  Very similar but more red

If you are on the hunt for a similar color look for a more berry toned red.  It's not wine colored or a marooon- but almost a deepened magenta.  Think like this color block:

dnk Enterprises

ELF is widely available.  You can buy from their website at Wal-Mart and sometimes at Target.  If you love Beet, try Bitter.  You might find you like bitter better :)

Have a great day,

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