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Monday, August 18, 2014

Dupe for the Estee Lauder Sculpting Foundation Brush: Find It At Sephora!

Estee Lauder

Hi there!

If you've been checking out Estee Lauder's new Sculpting Foundation Brush with it's funky curved edges- you might be surprised that Sephora has an option that is over $10 cheaper!

Take a look!

Woo I love a good dupe!  It usually means I get a very similar product with a nice letup on the wallet.  Less money spent for the same idea/item?  I'm game!

The Estee Lauder Pro Visionary Foundation has been touted with this new-fangled curved brush.  These brushes have been around for a while but haven't gained a lot of hype.  It's fun for me to see this being advertised with Estee Lauder's foundation like it's revolutionary.

I've seen something like this at Sephora and wanted to pass it along as a more cost-effective alternative with about the same idea.  I've not tried either of these brushes but it's safe to say if it is structured nearly the same, albeit unknown brush quality for either, you will get the same application result.  Generally Sephora's pro brushes are quite lovely and comparable to higher end offerings, so I doubt this one is a schmo of a brush.

Sephora's option is here:  Pro Visionary Face Blender Brush #134.  Say that 5 times fast.  It's $32 compared to Estee Lauder's $45 and comes with a nifty cap too.

Sephora #134 Face Blender Brush

The rationale behind the shape of these brushes is based on the idea of copying the curvature of the face.  By getting a more accurate placement of product you get a more finished and thus precise application.  This can prevent over applying and ease of blending because you are right against the skin and can work directly on the canvas in an even manner.  This is an improvement on of sweeping or patting to get it right with a typical domed brush as those concentrate product at the center.

If you're using to sweeping or stippling your brushes this might have a learning curve (ha no pun intended) to adjust to this type of brush shape.  However, I'm curious to give it a go and see if it is much better than say a duo-fibre or a Beauty Blender.

For another similar type of short, narrow brush, I've seen a brush I love in action via Wayne Goss (who doesn't love him, really) in the video underneath the brush image.  It's the Nars Ita brush which I'm showing big and happy below-

...and if you pause at 1:00 exactly, you'll see Wayne using it for a nice sculpted contour.  Usually a more narrow, curved brush would be used in this way- to define the hollows of the face.  It's my favorite contouring brush *ever*.

But back to the curved brushes- My suggestion is to get the Sephora brush (once it's back in stock) to build up product gently by using pat and stroke motions along the skin which will develop coverage and then start gently blending for a smooth, even finish.  Based on the reviews at Sephora the Pro #134 has 4.8 out of 5 stars.  Not bad!

Here is how Sephora says to use their Pro #134:

Suggested Usage:
-Apply product to one side of brush for natural look or use entire top surface of brush for full- corrective coverage. 
-To ensure even coverage, start in the center of the face and blend outwards towards the hairline. 
-Blend and apply using a back and forth motion until product has been fully blended. 

Pro tip: Hold at the tip for an airbrushed finish or close to the brush head for more coverage and control. After makeup application, sweep this brush along the T-zone, jaw, and forehead to create a smooth and blended look.

However a word of caution- I tend to prefer a stiffer brush like this or the Nars Ita for powder products so I'm curious to see how well it works with liquid like the foundation Estee Lauder is pairing it with.  I hope it doesn't apply too heavy.

If you're interested in curved face brushes here are a few others, while not a dupe for the Estee Lauder brush, they might spark your curiosity-

Sacha Cosmetics Concealer/Contour Brush

Sacha Cosmetics

Glider Collection by Anisa (crazy hard to buy or find online)


Tweezerman iQ Contour Concealer


This new crescent moon shaped brush by Estee Lauder looks like it's making the rounds on the bloggernet and will likely pop up in a lot of reviews. I'm suspecting that curved brushes are going to be a new thing- would you want to try this new trend?  Hope you enjoy the Sephora dupe if you do!

Have a great day,


Geniewtdbh said...

I can't wait to try one of these out! Thanks for all the comparison photos!

Baroque In Babylon said...

You're welcome! I have the Nars Ita and the smaller sephora brush but not the Estee Lauder one. Crazy all the hype is now gone.