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Monday, July 28, 2014

Starlooks Starbox July 2014! Open My Subscription With Me!

Nylon Pink courtesy of SubscriptionBoxMom

Hi there!

Meeega hype about this month's Starbox.  My FB was full of Nylon Pink this and Nylon Pink that- all kinds of promo for this box.  I was super excited for it to arrive!

Here is what showed up in my hot little hands over the weekend.  But before I get started, check out the left sidebar for a referral link to sign up.  I've not had a bum box yet and each item is full-sized- for $15 it's a killer deal.

Now on to the box goodies, woohoo!

This month's bag opened to reveal a fun black and hot pink box with silver tie.  I loved the custom look and I usually keep the boxes for necklace storage or to resend small gifts.  This was was cute.

You lift off the lid and there's a promo shot of Nylon Pink in some bright makeup posing all fanceh like.

Here's the box as you lift the promo card and open the tissue.  I always love the suprise element- as in "whatcha get?"....in this case it's a lipstick, a lip pencil, an eye liner, and an eyeshadow- with surprise crystal of course!

Adding this little guy to my crystals from Starlooks-

Now to get to the products.  The lipstick is a flaming super orange called "Pooh Bear".  The formula is creamy and soft with a huge amount of payoff.  I really like it.

The eyeshadow is a cool toned shade called "Traffic Yellow".  It's a nice shimmery shade that leans gold more than sunflower.

The two pencils both have a nice soft texture as well- you won't drag these on your lips or lids.  The two I received were the salmon pink lip shade "Tipsy" which had Nylon Pink on the pencil (nice touch) and the liner of "Blue Chili" a sweet cornflower blue.

Nice imprint- anything specialty packaging I appreciate.

SO nice how the actual products match the ends of the pencils- I never like it when I think it's going to be a certain color based on the packaging and it applies like a total stranger.  These match what is on the pencil- a great factor in these pencils.  Both were smooth and didn't crumble or need overlay to be opaque.  One stroke did it.

Here are swatches of all the goodies!  I just applied them to my hand without prepping (i.e. primers, etc).  I photographed them indoors (more warm light), direct light, and some goofy artistic attempt at both (uh, yeah).

Indoor Light
My I'm pretending I'm cool and artsy lighting shot.
Window lighting

Total value of this box

Pooh Bear lipstick, $18.00
Tipsy Lip pencil, $14.00
Blue Chili liner, $12.00
Traffic Yellow eyeshadow, $12.00

Total:  $56.00 (if you bought these items at Starlooks)

I'd also like to mention that Starlooks is created using a private label manufacturer with Modern Basics- which means they use Modern Basics' products and put Starlooks' name on them.  I don't mind per se as this happens (i.e. B*tch Slap and Ladyburd) but I thought it would be worth mentioning.

Overall, I love my Starbox and I find it edgy and a fun surprise.  If you've not heard of Nylon Pink before, here's a YouTube vid of one of their songs.  I'd never heard of them prior to Starlooks advertising this box- the only song I liked was this one.  Tell me your thoughts on this month's box!!

Shop the Look (similar products if you don't have a sub to Starbox)

Have a great day,

P.S.  My favorite part about this whole review is that I've been calling the eyliner "Blue Chili" which I kept thinking was a weird name.  I look at this post-edit and realize it says "Blue Chill'.  You've got to be kidding me.  I swear I am the queen of typos.  Oh look, I sure am, there's my crown.  *face palm*

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