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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Matching MAC Lip Trios: Liner, Lipstick, + Gloss! Spice Liner and Lipglass with Velvet Teddy- Rich Neutral Lips!

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Hi there!

Manic lip pressing gif aside (I dare you to to burn your eyeballs out watching it)- I felt it was apropos for my post today.  I get obsessively excited about a dang good lip.  One of my favorites are matchy-matchy lips with MAC products.  I've posted a few matching MAC lip trios and this one is just as fun!  The trio is a creamy caramel shade that leans slightly to leathers, spices, and rich cups of latte.  If you want to see my other MAC lip sets- you'll find Matching MAC Lip Trios HERE.

I present to you the matching MAC lip trio of Spice lip pencil, Velvet Teddy lipstick, and Spice lipglass.  If nude lips wash you out or look too Pam-Anderson-Meets-A-Dark-Corner then try a deeper, more spicey shade like this combination.  This will work on fair skin to even very dark skin- leaning more pink-toned if you're pale and more nude if you're of a darker complexion.

MAC describes and features these colors as neutrals with a beige leaning and tones of pink.  I see it more as a brown toned mauve with a healthy dose of camel.  It's almost pink but it's mostly a brown shade.  Add a red drop of food coloring to your latte and there you go- red velvet latte :) on your lips.

YumSugar Red Velvet Latte- perfect dupe!
Here is how MAC swatches these products online-

MAC Cosmetics, Velvet Teddy lipstick
MAC Cosmetics, Velvet Teddy lipstick
MAC Cosmetics, Spice lip pencil
MAC Cosmetics, Spice lip pencil
MAC Cosmetics, Spice lipglass
MAC Cosmetics, Spice lipglass
Spice lip pencil- pink cinnamon stick, 1.45 g, $15.00
Velvet Teddy- (Matte) deep-toned beige, 3 g, $16.00
Spice lipglass- midtonal neutral nude, 4.8 g, $15.00

Total wallet crunch for this trio:  $46.00 (or with a pro-card, $33 and some change with shipping included)

Swatches were done on the back of my hand primed with MAC Full Coverage foundation in NC15 and photographed in direct and natural indoor sunlight.

In direct sunlight where everything slightly yellows on camera, you can see how tan this trio leans.  I appreciate you can get a more pink to a true caramel golden brown with this set.  I also appreciate how it looks like I'm sticking my hand into a dark void.  

To get this look:

I lined my lips liberally with Spice and touched up with a lip brush and concealer to deepen the contrast of the liner and my lips.  I then used the tube of Velvet Teddy and swiped it on nearly to the edge of the liner and over my lips.  Finally, I topped it off with Spice lipglass only to the top rim of the cupid's bow and the center and outer corners of the bottom lip.

Results below-

Would you wear this combination of lip colors?  It inspires me to wear flowy skirts, heels, and gold accessories.  I could see this with wavy hair, big sunnies, and reading a book in the park.  I hope it inspires you too!

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