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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Matching MAC Lip Trio: Currant Lip Pencil, Dark Side Lipstick, and Lovechild Lipglass! Deep Aubergine Lips!

Hi there!

In keeping with the I (heart) Aubergine theme, I wanted to present another matching MAC lip trio!  These are my favorite type of lip posts.  You get a liner, lipstick, and coordinating gloss for your perusing pleasure. It's fun to play with the products and see what goes together and what quite doesn't.  I think if you're looking for a vinyl glossy deep colored lip- this might be the trio for you!

Here is how MAC presents these products online (they don't match reality worth a hoot if you ask me)-

MAC Cosmetics, Currant lip pencil
MAC Cosmetics, Currant lip pencil
MAC Cosmetics, Dark Side lipstick
MAC Cosmetics, Dark Side lipstick
MAC Cosmetics, Lovechild lipglass
MAC Cosmetics, Lovechild lipglass
You can visit MAC's website to find these beauties by searching their names.  The total for these products is as follows, retail-

Currant lip pencil, $15.00
Dark Side lipstick, $16.00
Lovechild lipglass, $15.00 
(you can get the to-go version for $10.00 which is half the size- it should've been half the price IMO)

Total wallet crunch:  $46.00 

*these were purchased by me using my Pro discount

Here are swatches of these products on my hand, photographed in natural light.  You can see they are all aubergine juicy like a mix of blueberry and raspberry.  It's nothing like the creepy brown based 90's shades the online swatches seem to portray.  If you're hoping for brick brown when you browse Current, you'll be surprised to find ripe aubergine on your lips instead.  These all combine to make a delicious shade of deep cranberry.  I know you're wondering how cranberry translates to aubergine- but trust me, this is much more purple leaning in person.  Currant is very purple based and you can get a richer more eggplant shade if you use more of the pencil than the lipstick.  It's fun to play with!

Currant- not as dark as Nightmoth and leaning towards a reddish plum.
Dark Side- vibrant, vinyl eggplant
Lovechild- rosy reddened plum with orange and gold sparks (yes!)

I have pale pink leaning NC15 skin and to get this dramatic look I overlined my lips with Currant, filling most of my lip with the pencil.  I then applied Dark Side liberally backtracking over the lip pencil to darken the color.  Finally, I applied Lovechild with a brush on the perimeter, keeping the shine on the outer portion of my mouth.

 This is a lovely trio to wear for a night out or if you have darker skin, could be an everyday shade.  Fulfill your aubergine craving like me with this series of MAC lip products- I felt like a million bucks with this wearable dark mouth.  It's not so deep that you look heavy and it's not so purple it looks costumey.  I could see this on anyone night or day.  Would you wear this lip trio?  One more lip pic before I go- I swear it reminds me of razzleberry pie- a mix of fresh berries, yum!

You can really see the sparkle in Lovechild in this pic

Razzleberry pie a la mode
courtesy of TasteBook

Doesn't that look so good- dang it, why can't broccoli taste like pie?  Sigh.

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Baroque In Babylon said...

Thank you! I could see you wearing this for sure.

Renee Lowe said...

Fantastic review!
I also love Whirl and Plum

Baroque In Babylon said...

Thank you Renee!