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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Makeup I Love: Carrie Underwood

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There's something endearing and fresh about Carrie Underwood's makeup and style.  She's the country girl with the steely edge and a whole lot of sass.  I've been listening to her cd's lately and although I'm not a country music fan so to speak, I've learned to love her music and especially her makeup.

Here are some Carrie Underwood looks that I've found that really speak to her style.  I tried to find high resolution red carpet images as these are generally not as filtered/edited and will show the actual product. Take a look-  all images I found via Google search and are property of their respective owners.

Tightlined eyes with shimmer and a softy grey- false lashes, light blush and a pale peach lip.

This look is similar to the first except the color is slightly warmer, with a bronze tone and a more nude lip.

I love photos like these because although yes these celebrities are highly maintained and beautiful, they are still people.  They have pores, flyaway hair and eye veins.  It reminds me that no matter how gorgeous- you're still human like me.  This look above (love the pink quartz earrings) is similar to the first but more pink in the face/lip.  She's got a tightlined eye, major lashes, a darker brow and lots of silver shimmer to match her peony pink lips.

So here's a side profile with super volume in the hair and a really punchy pink lip.  She's got a smokier eye and it looks like at this point there are more fillers/botox at play.  Not a lot- but you can see the difference in her face.  I suspect she's had her nose done too.  None of this is a negative- I think it's smart to maintain your skin and adjust something in your face if you don't like it.  I think Carrie here looks more refined, mature, and still very glamorous.

I love the flamingo pink lips, smokey eye and more warm skin.  This was a bit of a departure from her more natural looking but glam makeup.

This to me personifies Carrie's looks.  Clean, fresh skin, a neutral yet pink toned lip, cascading blonde waves and dark thickly lashed eyes.  She's down-home gorgeous.

Carrie's makeup artists are smart to play up the lashes and keep her face fresh.  She never looks overdone and she retains her approach-ability and sweetness.  She's like the girl in high school you admired.  She's beautiful but not in an unattainable way.

Below is her performing live and she's wearing a bright lip and lots of shimmery cocoa/ivory eyeshadow.  I love her dark fluttery lashes and strong fuchsia lip.  I noticed too she's wearing clear stone earrings- similar to the rose ones a few photos up.

I love her makeup- she always looks great.  I admire her natural beauty and her rags-to-riches country music story.  

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