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Thursday, July 24, 2014

JustFab Maylie Heel in Leopard: Yay or Nay?


Hi there!

Every now and again I see something that gets me thinking, "I could wear that!" hoping to channel the buried fashion-forward vixen deep (and I mean waaay deep) somewhere in my personality.  I picture feeling edgy, sexy, fun and making coy looks at my husband.  The vixen bolt shot through me when I saw the Maylie heels on JustFab.  The wheels starting turning and suddenly, I was in Vegas feeling fabulous (skinny) and probably not walking much.  They were slightly tacky, high....and leopard!  Take a look-

Behold the ridiculous wonder of Maylie- Images courtesy of Heels.com

I want your opinions if you're reading this, on two things.

a.  Do you have a shoe that brings out the meeeow?  And if so, do you wear them or not?

b.  Would you wear Maylie and if so why, if not, why?

Please share your thoughts.  I will also share that these babies are on their way to my house (yeehaw!) and I have to say that I'm super excited.  They're so heinously 90's timberland heel, part hooker, part ridiculous and out of vogue that I love them for their tackiness.  Also tell me if you have a certain shoe recently that was just over the top amazeballs and you just HAD to have it- all reason aside.  Once these are on my doorstep, I fully plan to surprise husband with them soon.  He'll either laugh or love it- or both.

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