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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fierce Magenta Romance Lip Gloss in Pink and Gold Duochrome! Swatches!

Product Review, Purchased by me

Hi there!

Pink and gold is such a luscious combo to me.  I swoon for antique china with pink roses and gold trim. There is something soft and romantic about it without looking childish.  It reminds me of Marie Antoinette, dreamy wedding cakes, and fancy tea parties.  Here is my pink and gold inspiration that brought me to purchase FierceMagenta's lip gloss in Romance:

All images found via Google search and are copyright of their respective owners-

Cups & Cakes (with me)

Place setting



Beautiful Paris

Then there were the tempting swatches that FierceMagenta uses to advertise their lippies.  They are divine.  I love the iridescence and beauty of the photos.  They beguile you to buy :)

Price breakdown and shipping info:

5 mL tube, $7.49
(10 mL is available for $9.69)

Shipping is $3.00 but can be combined for multiple items

FierceMagenta, Romance
FierceMagenta, Romance
Here is how FierceMagenta describes Romance-

This holographic shimmery golden peachy lipgloss will be a perfect addition to your collection!

It offers a perfect coverage, and can be used as a liquid lipstick.
This is a mica-based, shimmery gloss and not a dye or stain. Add a touch to your bottom lip for a natural, soft shimmer or apply a few layers to both lips for a deeper hue. You can achieve a great look if you apply once, and reapply in a few minutes. 
This gloss is safe for both lips, eyes and skin overall, so have fun experimenting!

It is moisturizing and nourishing, and will give your lips a healthy and soft look.

- mineral oil
- refined and deodorized shea butter
- refined and deodorized cocoa butter
- aloe vera extract
- vitamin E
- mica powders

Sold in lip gloss squeeze tubes (as shown on photo 3):
* Full size - 10 ml tube holds about 8-9 gr of product
* Small size - 5 ml tube holds approximately 5-6 gr of product

WE DO NOT USE PHOTOSHOP ON ANY OF THE PHOTOS, and do not use any lip liners

When I saw those photos I thought, I really want to try that out!  I wanted to see if the photo held up to the real thing.  I love that they don't edit their photos and it seems like such a gorgeous, rich color.  So off I ordered it and the tube arrived in less than 2 weeks.  It's about the size of a lip balm squeezable tube and even in the bottle was just so dang pretty.  I'm a sucker for duochromes, but a pink and gold one was eyeball heaven for me.

Pink and gold blend beautifully with this lip gloss- take a look:

Swatches were on my hand straight from the tube. I then took pictures in front of my office window while afternoon sunlight filtered in.  Note that this gloss isn't your typical apply thinly and get this type of color on one attempt.  It's a layering gloss with a wet and thin texture.  You build and then blot a bit to get the coverage you're looking for.  I suggest with this don't go for a creamy product underneath.  Stick with pencil or matte lipstick and then build this above it.

You'll get the delicious gleam of pink/gold if you're willing to wear a bit of the product.  I would prefer this didn't require so much layering to get the color you see in the swatch photos- but you do get it in a more toned down version if you only use a little bit and can build up to more opacity.

Here is Romance built up on my lips- about 4-5 layers and then slightly blotted so it won't look gooey.  I hate it when gloss is featured like you dipped your mouth in paint and it's about to spill.  Wouldn't you agree this is just about the prettiest lip gloss in pink you've ever seen?  This is slightly darker on me because my lips are a bit darker than my really fair skin- if you don't have pigmented lips, this will be a lighter, sheerer rose.

I hope you find this as appealing and lovely to wear as I did.  Please know as well that it isn't sticky and doesn't have a noticeable fragrance.  Buy with confidence and I hope to have more FierceMagenta to share soon!

And before I go, a little more pink and gold!  Thanks Google!

Hope you have a great day!


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