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Monday, July 28, 2014

Bust Out Your Bella Eyes- Looking Pretty With Swatches of 22 Milani Bella Eyes Eyeshadows!

Milani Cosmetics

Hi there!

Drugstore makeup is going strong right now.  The perfect example of high end performance with drugstore formulas would be found in Milani's brand new Bella Eyes gel powder eyeshadows.  They're not gel, they're baked into luscious powders that have colors that you can't live without.  I've got 22 of them to share with you!

I didn't get all 30 because some didn't appeal to me- I wanted the neutrals and the colors that I thought would be fun to swatch.  Here is what I picked up for $3.99 each from Milani's website HERE.  Also if you're worried these will disappear don't fret, they're permanent.  Woo!  P.S.  I'm listening to Miranda Lambert's 'Platinum' as I type this up- yeehaw!

Let's get started.  If you're reading this, you've probably heard some of the hype about these shadows.  I think they're pretty outstanding considering the price and what you'll get as far as payoff and whatnot.  There are better shadows out there per se, but they won't cost $3.99 nor will they be this fun to look at.  These were marketed as 'gel powder' and I'm assuming they began as a wet/gel based formula and were baked into their final form- a textured button of powder.  They remind of cowboy cookies- those peanut butter cookies you put the Hershey's kiss into it.  The little indent from the kiss is similar to the dip in these pretty powdered shadows.

A few I found especially pretty were jewel tones and a shimmery blush pink; take a look-

Here is the whole dang group except for one.  As I was taking the photo Caffe was hanging out behind me and I completely forgot to add it!  So Caffe will come after the swatches because I'm also doing Bella Black solo and they'll be at the tail end of this post.

The first 8 are neutrals.  I tried to organize them from lightest to darkest.  The beginner is Bella Chiffon and ends with Bella Espresso.  P.S.  Sorry these are on my living room carpet- I was watching Little Women on OnDemand.  Such is my glam life, right?  Here are the first four neutrals:

A few more for you to admire-

Now for swatches on the back of my hand.  These were foiled with water, zero primer and snapped in daylight and the glare of my t.v. :)

Chiffon- yellow toned ivory satin
Ivory- pale pink toned white
Sand- caramel tan
Champagne- blush touched camel
Cappuccino- warm light brown (which I've spelled wrong in the photos, have mercy)
Bronze- warm toned sienna
Espresso- gray touched mid brown
Taupe- rich true dark taupe

1.4 grams each but they pickup so well you won't be swiping these 8 times to get a good stroke of color. For reference, MAC standard shadows are 1.5 grams.

Next 8 are the more vibrant colors with pinks and blues.  I love these!

The blues- oh be still my beating heart.  I love a good blue.

Now for swatches of all these pretty colors-

It's funny how Pink and Rose look so different in the pan but they dry and apply nearly identically.  If I had to pick, I would've gone with Rose if you're debating between the two.  On the flip side of that, Cobalt and Navy look really similar but you can see they apply differently.  Those two are worth getting separately.

Surprisingly I found these four to look so pretty together- I might do a look with this quad of colors.  It was really fall/safari like.

The last two I have are Bella Black and Bella Caffe.  Caffe I already mentioned I seemed to lose in my stash photo somehow but black I wanted to stand on its own.  It's seriously a rich, sooty, deep matte black.  If you want a great new black to update your color selection- go with this one.

Here are swatches of these 5 shades-  what a great black, no?

Khaki- yellow green shimmer
Emerald- kelly green shimmer
Mandarin- peachy orange satin
Charcoal- silvery grey shimmer
Black- satiny deep true black

And last but not least- Caffe:

This is such a great color- it's a very neutral pale taupe/brown that applies like a soft satin.

Sooo after seeing all of these are you wondering which are really must-haves compared to blogger hoarder collecting shades?

If you're thinking this-or-that- here are my 10 must have shades.  I think these would fill up the 'gotta have it' tank but give you the best of the collection.

Milani Bella Eyes Top 10

1.  Bella Champagne
2.  Bella Ivory (that perfect pink/white highlighter/lid shade)
3.  Bella Rouge
4.  Bella Teal
5.  Bella Navy
6.  Bella Black
7.  Bella Bronze
8.  Bella Emerald
9.  Bella Rose
10.  Bella Taupe (it's a whiz bang mega taupe)

Let me know if you picked any of these up or are dying to get a couple.  These really are lovely and I'm excited to do some looks with these.  Milani is sure stepping it up!

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Have a great day,


Cin Seven said...

fantastic photos and very helpful swatches!

Baroque In Babylon said...

Thank you Cin! Sorry to enable...I have an extra Bella Ivory if you want it :)

Abie said...

Love these! I might thane to pick up a couple of them. I really do love Rose!

Baroque In Babylon said...

Hi Abie- Rose is so pretty. It's the perfect pink.