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Friday, June 27, 2014

Wet N' Wild Color Icon Glitter Singles: Bleached + Brass Swatches!

Hi there,

Shaking up my Walgreens haul last night was spotting Wet N' Wild's glitter Color Icon singles.  I didn't even know these were out- but then again, I'm not often on the edge of new stuff.  I loved them.  I picked them up- put them back, hem hawed (you know how this goes) but decided to purchase two:  the gleaming iridescent Bleached and brilliantly brazed Brass.  Best of all, they were $0.68 each!  Woo!

Here they are!

Bleached is a clear gel base with iridescent glitter while Brass is the same clear gel but with tons of deep gold glitter.  I was wondering if these were as gooey as the Nyx glitter palette or if it would be scratchy and dry into a glitter trailing mess.

Thankfully, these paid off rather well and removed fairly easily with a makeup remover wipe.  The glitter stayed on and was fine enough that it didn't feel gritty.

Here is Wet N' Wild's promo info on these singles:

Intensify your look with one swipe of these all NEW glitter cream shadows. Infused with Aloe and Coconut Oil, these shimmering glitters with a clear base, glide on and never over-dry. Each glitter shade is long-wearing and crease resistant to keep you looking flawless for hours. Wear alone or mix and match to instantly transform your look from ordinary to fabulous!  Net Wt. 0.05 oz / Poids net 1.4 g each
There are 7 shades available with silver, bright cobalt blue, magenta, deep red, and purple along with the two I have.

Let's take a closer look at Bleached and Brass-

Swatches were very simple with these.  I ran my finger in a circle over the pan and applied to the back of my hand.  The gel base wasn't slippery or oily and dried cleanly with the glitter still affixed.  It did what you would hope it would do without being a gummy mess.  The glitter stayed and didn't lose it's sparkle.  Take a look-

In the photo above and below you can see that Brass appears to be more densely packed with glitter.  I'm not sure if some of the glitter in Bleached was clear and so didn't seem to 'show up' as more.  But, it is safe to say that Brass seemed more glittery and packed a bigger punch than Bleached.  Yet if you want just a hint of reflective sparkle, Bleached would be a more subtle and yet pretty way to go.

The photo below was taken in direct morning sunlight, so it is more warm to show the difference of glitter in daylight vs. natural light.

I hope to get the rest of these- they were a pleasant surprise!  I could see these being easy to pat on to a smokey eye lid for a fun night out or if you're like me, because you hoard  makeup and no one is shocked anymore but what you do or wear.

Side note- I wanted to share my latest haul.  I seriously was grateful for some closeout surprise deals!

-6 Juicy Couture velour relaxed tops (black, navy, mint, pink, 2 grey).  I know they're revamping and sooo 2008 but I love how soft the velour is.
-Juicy Couture Crystal heart wish rose gold necklace.  Look I'm a sucker for sparkly rose gold junk.
-1.7 oz Christian Dior Dune toilette 
-Rimmel 3D gloss in Popcorn for 2 (FINALLY, I've been stalking this for months but it is always out of stock)
-Just Fab Beachfront bag and Medellin pink wedges
-These two way fun glitter Wet N' Wild singles
-2 more Jordana Twist + Shine pencils in Terra Crave and Cranberry Crush.  I think I have them all except for Sweet Pink.

I love getting crazy good deals and being able to refresh some of my clothes.  Winters in Utah get pretty chilly and so having a stash of insta-warming baggy sweatshirts really helps.  Also I am a bit of a perfume hoarder and one of my girlhood friends loves Dune so when I wear it, it reminds me of her.  Any goodies heading your way lately?

Shop the swatches

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