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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Subscription Time! Open Up My Ipsy June 2014 Rebecca Minkoff bag!

Hi there!

Super duper fast post!

Ipsy, June 2014.  Subscribe left sidebar.  If ya wanna :)

Below is what I got for this month's ten bucks!

1.  Rebecca Minkoff bag with pineapple and orange.  Love pineapples.  Love orange.  Happy.
2.  Earrings above are mine but they're orange (see #1 about orange) and so I left them in photo.  Did not come in bag.
3.  Nyx Butter gloss- exciting, wanted to try but too cheap to buy off Cherry Culture.  Excited is a coral color.  Swatch was like milky pink or 'is it even on?' color.  Not so great.
4.  Jesse's Girl really cool feeling liner that feathers like yo grandma's 70's frosted Estee Lauder lipstick.  Not good.
5.  Be a Bombshell Lash Out mascara- sorry to grump but thin and smells weird, like burning plastic.
6.  Marc Anthony Dream Waves beach spray.

Which is offered by this guy:

Marc Anthony courtesy of Google
But instead I pictured this guy-

Marc Anthony courtesy of Google

...and let me tell you, I do NOT want J. Lo's ex-husband's hairdo.  You know that stuff either is super crunchy or worse, greaseh.  No thanks.  So I exhaled audibly with relief when I realized it was another Marc Anthony who appeared to be far less unsavory and cute in a Ryan Seacrest meets Jeremy Renner kind of way.

However, said beach spray smelled nice, veerrry nice- like coconuts and butter rum life savers.  I actually really liked it.  So A+ on the beach spray, Ipsy!

7.  Essence of Beauty Wind Kissed fragrance mist.  It looks like a cheap dollar store Bath and Body Works knockoff but smelled like the Calgon Hawaiian Ginger mist.  You remember that stuff like 1995?  Major fragrance that all the girls wore in high school and you're like, "ooh what is that?" and they won't tell you because it's Calgon.  Yeah, that stuff.  Smells good.

Here's another look at the goodies all laid out.

First up, Jesse's Girl liquid eyeliner.  Oh I wanted to love you.  It came in this sleek silver metal tube and the ad said it was like calligraphy and awesomeness and it was!  Until it started to feather all over the place.

Tip of the sword so to speak, up above.  Product used below and the bleeding is literally seconds upon drying.  How did they not see this in clinical development?  I mean I know Jesse's Girl isn't a top notch pricey brand but still- this was unwearable.

I thought I would give it a go on my eye (as though dermis is different, but whatever) and it did the same thing except looked worse because yeah....no one likes the 'my makeup makes me look 90' look.

So if you want your eyeliner to look like that crystal farm you bought in the 7th grade or worse a cactus, be my guest.  I chucked it.  Which is a bummer because who wouldn't want a sleek tube of liquid liner with a nicely tapered tip?

Next was the Nyx Butter gloss.  I was stoked about this one as I love Nyx in general and it was full-size and supposedly a great formula.

Take a look!

I pulled it out of the tube and thought with the color of the bottle and the applicator I was in for some coral fabulousness!

Then I applied it.  I have kinda dark lips anyway but this was like, "where is it?" in color.  I applied more and it got rather milky and odd.  Then I realized that this was a sheer pink and no where near coral.  I haven't tried it on top of lipstick but the texture was buttery and smooth- silky even.  That was a nice effect, but I wouldn't have minded if it were more coral.

Next is the mascara.  Full size- another exciting moment because my L'Oreal is on the skids and drying out like crazy.  So I was thinking, "Sweet, no need to buy some mascara.  Let's use this".

Here it is- Lash out- color is black.  Surprise!

So here are my blonde lashes before mascara- with nary a product in sight.

Then after a lot (like 15) swipes and different dips into the bottle, I got this below.

I wasn't thrilled and I now have another tube of L'Oreal which makes ugly faces at the Bombshell tube in victory.

My overall verdict is that the products in Ipsy usually suck half the time.  This is like my third or fourth bag and although it looks great it's like fast food- just sometimes not worth it.  I will keep subscribing because everything is always worth at least $10 and I like the bags and novelty.  However, if I keep getting cheap eyeshadows, thin mascara, and heinous liners, Michelle Phan (if she really even oversees this stuff she needs to rethink her plan) will lose a customer.

Do you subscribe to Ipsy?  What would you think if you got these products- have you tried any of them before?  Let me know!

Have a great day,

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