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Friday, June 6, 2014

Starlooks Starbox May 2014- Open Up With Me! Subscription Box Time!

Hi there!

May rolled around and with it came my Starlooks Starbox!  If you're interested in this monthly subscription, I have a scrolling affiliate link to the left sidebar.  I also have a sub for Ipsy if you'd like that too.  Those are the only two I pay for.  Starlooks' box is $15.00 p/month and free shipping.  I usually get 2-3 full size items and a little crystal or somesuch.  The crystal was missing in this box :(  I like to keep them in a jar.

This month's box came with a card talking about the different items included and a lot of hoopla about Spa Towells.  I think they're like fancy baby wipes with lotion- ew, but hey, we got one to try in this subby box.

Here's what May brought from Starlooks-

 You open the lid and it looks like this- everything tucked in, items sealed with shrink wrap or in a cardboard box.

Here's the model for the promo card and the image for Spa Towells.  Honestly, I wasn't too stoked to try this.  I keep thinking of a slippery towel and I couldn't make it add up in my head.  Would the towel dry off the lotion?  Would it be slimy?  Do I really want to apply lotion with a towel- like makeup remover but the opposite?  It wasn't a grab-me type of item.

Below is what the item looks like.  Seriously like a puffy condom wrapper.  I wouldn't put this in my purse, so I tossed it into my catch-all sample drawer.  The product has a bit of an ick factor to me.  I guess if you want hygienic lotion this is the way to go.  I usually just carry a small bottle of Bath and Body Works lotion.

Next item is a rather hefty bottle of makeup remover with a spray pump.  Score! This is a nice addition.  I'm excited to try it out and see how effective the formula is.  I like the spray pump idea- maybe I should spray a cotton ball and use it- Not a bad thought.

The third item is an eye pencil in Exit to Eden- a minty golden green with gold flecks.  It's a lovely soft green liner that is the yellower cousin to MAC's Pearlglide Undercurrent.  I liked that it was a full-size pencil.

The pencil applied creamy and smooth and had a lovely gold duochrome to it.  Starlooks recommended putting this on your lower lashline and the promo/towell pics appeared to have it applied that way (scroll up to see).  I would deepen this shade at the corner of my eyes or use it to colorblock a bit on the lid- I love a good green liner.  This wasn't too pale to be useless and the gold made it unique.  Not bad, Starbox!

The last item was a monster.  It was a HUGE box of iridescent loose powder.  Um, glittery loose powder.  It retails for $21.00 so this was a nice find.

The powder came in a cardboard box with ingredients listed and the shiny lacquer-esque black text.

LSP2 courtesy of Starlooks
The shade I received was LSP2.  I have no idea what that means.  I checked the website and it doesn't offer much for the number system meaning.

You'll see little swatches like this ------------------------------------>

It's a warm shade but nearly as orange as the swatch photo looks. The actual color is flesh toned (for white people, boo) and has a lot of shimmer.  I wouldn't use this all over, but I think on the shoulders or apples of cheeks would be pretty.

When you open up the powder, you'll find a fluffy, cotton tipped puff and the product is sealed with a silver foil sticker.

I peeled back the sifter sticker and swiped my fingertip across some loosened product.  Holy gold glitter!

Get right up in there and look at that.  Whoah.  It's pretty, but it's also kinda large glitter for a face product.  I like it, but at the same time I'm going to go easy with it.  Since it's a big jar I could see this lasting a while. Overall, I am happy they included this- it's pretty, glitter or no :).  I do like the shade and I think a wide range of skin tones could wear it.

Swatched loosely on the back of my hand, it was still glittery.  Ah well, still purty.

Overall, for $15.00 this is a great deal.  Even at drugstore prices, a makeup remover is $4, the liner about $3 if you go Jordana cheap and the powder about $5-6....so having slightly better than drugstore quality is a nice find for $15.00, free shipping.  I would compare Starlooks to Lorac in quality- it's nice, maybe not as cult fave status as MAC or MUFE- but it's still darn good stuff.

While you were looking through my box, did you see anything you'd like?  Let me know if you get this particular sub and what your thoughts are.  I've not had a flop yet and I am excited to see what June will bring.

Have a great day,

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