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Monday, June 16, 2014

Six Ways to Glow: Swatches of NYX Rouge Cream Blushes in Pinks, Neutrals, and Orange!

Hi there!

Six glowing shades of cream blush have been calling my name from my makeup drawer.  These types of blushes sadly haven't gotten as popular as their pan variety.  Perhaps they get overlooked because how to wear them isn't as obvious as swiping a brush across a powder.  I too have had questions like:  When do you wear a cream cheek color?  Does it smear?  Does powder look chalky on top of it?  Or my personal worry- am I going to look a hot mess?

I couldn't help but sneak in this lovely image of roses- I always love beautiful flowers and you'll be one too with your rosy cheeks :)

Image:  Melania Trump

Rest at ease, with these, you can layer to go from subtle to dramatic and a bit of powder to set isn't making a makeup mess.  They're nice in hot weather because you can apply straight after swimming to perk up your face/lips.  I love to swipe this quickly on the rounded part of my check as I smile and then blend up towards the top of my ear.  Move your finger in brisk circles until you look flushed and fresh.

Here is the back of the blushes showing shade names and ingredients.  Swatches up next!

These are 1 stripe (seriously) on my hand with a flat brush.  Some are more opaque, some have shimmer. Take a look!

Here's a quick assessment of the colors-

Glow- candy pink
Bronze Goddess- golden tan shimmer
Boho Chic- soft ballerina pink
Golden- nude mauve
Orange- yep, orange
Tickled- rosy pink with gold sheen (Orgasm dupe in a CREAM?  Move over Nars Multiple!)

I edited the light slightly so you can see color changes a bit in darker settings.  You can see Tickled leans more peachy pink and Bronze Goddess shifts to more gold and Boho Chic is nice and sheer.  I appreciate that each of these are unique.  You're not stuck with a flat formula.  If you want shimmer go for it.  Or perhaps a sheerer romantic flush of color- feel free!

A close up of Tickled- my personal favorite of the bunch.  I could see this on darker skin, ivory skin, and golden olive tones as well.  It's versatile and the hint of gold is subtle.  You won't have glittery skin, but will look bright.

Top 5 Tips for Applying Cream Blush

1.  Build it up baby- start subtle and then build where the shadows fall on your face, typically below your cheekbone.  Darkening natural facial shadows builds structure to the face.

2.  Don't be afraid of brights.  Cream formulas tend to be more sheer and with tip #1, you might find that frightening blood red looks like a natural healthy flush.

3.  Get creative.  You can mix shades.  Contour with a brown toned shade.  Use it on  your lips (if lip safe).  Blend it with a cream shadow (use a good primer or mixing medium) and don't be afraid to rosy up or highlight other areas than your face.

4.  Apply over liquid foundation and under powder products.  Set with a blush that is slightly lighter to give dimension or darker if you want more drama.  Think of the lighting you'll be in.  What may look romantic in daylight looks dreary at dinner.

5.  Use a setting spray.  I like Model in a Bottle or UD All Nighter.  A little mist on top of your cream blush will help it stay (even in heat) and keep you looking rosy.

Did you see a color you like?  I hope you give these a try.  I love Nyx.  It's affordable, often found at Target (or Ulta) and really performs.

Have a great day,


Susan Woodall said...

Tickled and Bronze Goddess look so pretty!

Baroque In Babylon said...

Hi Susan- I agree! I will do a look today using that combo. I'm trying to peek out from under my NCLEX-studying log :)

Margo @ PrettyPanda said...

I seriously had no idea these NYX creams were that pretty! Excuse me while I go buy all of them!

Baroque In Babylon said...

Hi Margo :) I have been loving them lately. I used a big duo fibre brush and kinda stipple them on and they lasted all day for the few days past that I've worn them. I'm going to try to use up more of my goodies. Thanks for saying hello.