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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rainbow Statement Necklace with MAC Power Supply Lustreglass!

Hi there!

The above gorgeous necklace is my favorite piece right now.   I adore the rainbow stones and big bling effect it has.  I love anything verging on tacky ha ha.  I wore it to my RN pinning and have worn it to my husband's choir performance.  He sings with the Millennial Choir and recently recorded a CD in Newport Beach- I'm including a link to watch his performance further down, keep reading!  I was proud of him for chasing his dream.  He is a lovely operatic tenor- me, I'm a nice shower singer :)

The necklace I purchased online and after many wearings is still bright and fun to wear- I always get someone who says, "Oooh that's pretty!"  Statement necklaces are huge right now and this one for me takes the cake.  Here is a closer look-

With this piece I wore earrings that are a combination of peridot and citrine with gold-  the image below shows the gem as more of a peach, but mine are yellow.  You'll see that in the photo of my makeup.

If you'd like to go with me and listen to the Millennial Choir performance of God Bless America (with my husband as a tenor in the balcony) click HERE.  

The choir partnered with Glenn Beck (popular conservative American radio/tv host) to feature Americana items like George Washington's compass and interesting facts aimed at bolstering patriotism and love for the US.  The choir is rigorously trained and it startled me to hear the amazing sound when I went to rehearsals once.  I hope it will inspire you with the beauty of it.  The conductors create their own arrangements and they do bi-annual performances.  I'm proud of him for having this talent.  He waited a long time before pursuing this and he's really incredible.

Here's the look I wore when taking the video with makeup products listed at the end of the post.

That necklace just thrills me- also that's the dress I wore to my pinning.  I'm going to do a shoot wearing it because frankly my pinning photos were awful- I made so many faces due to crying that I look ridiculous.  BUT I want you to see the DRESS!  

Until then- here's my makeup for above:

Foundation, Revlon Whipped 24 hr foundation in 200, Sand Beige
Powder, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Light Plus
Highlight, MAC Highlighting powder in Emphasize

Blush, MAC Mineralize Blush in Gentle
Contour/Bronzer, Milani Baked Bronzer in 04, Glow

Primer, Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Lid (near lashline), MAC Shroom
Crease, MAC Copperplate (really blended out)
Outer V, MAC Nehru
Lower Lashline, MAC Teddy Eye Kohl with Nehru to set
Liner, Urban Decay Perversion liquid liner, barely winged out
Mascara, L'Oreal Voluminous Extra Volume Collagen, Black (this stuff dries out in like 3 weeks leaving a crumbly mess...bah)
Brows, MAC Mystery, set with Maybelline mascara, Clear

Liner, MAC Soar
Lipstick, MAC Fabby
Gloss, MAC Lustreglass Power Supply (MY FAVORITE!  It's a golden shimmery mauve- like lips but better)

Perfume:  Lol, like you could tell, but I like to list it as I'm always interested in what people wear.  It's the Bath and Body Works Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber.

If you listened to my husband's choir- let me know what you think.  Also if you haven't tried MAC Power Supply, please give it a chance.  It's hardly ever mentioned but it's really a holy grail lipgloss for me.

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