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Monday, June 30, 2014

Open Up My Subscription Box With Me: Wantable Accessories Box July 2014

Love ALL the jewelry!

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Hi there!

In a sea of subscriptions where you often get a few fails, it's unbelievably refreshing to find a box that you are drop dead in love with.  Welcome to Wantable.  You get to choose from makeup, intimates, or accessories and I chose the accessories box.  You take a little quiz to determine what you want and they promise to never send something you dislike- in my case hair accessories.  Barrettes?  Blah.  Let me share with you my very first Wantable box- July 2014.  They cost $36 per month and are shipped to the US for free.  Mine took about 3 days to arrive after I received the 'it's coming!' email.

Open up my Wantable box with me!  Here is the glossy print on the box-

Once you open the cardboard packaging, you'll notice on the lid a cute personal touch-

The items in the box are broken down by your selection and are detailed by price.  The nice little treat below the itemization is further explanation of what you get and how to wear it.  Those cat eye sunglasses? Wantable says to match them with a plump lip and wavy hair.  I like this little mini-stylist experience!

Remember the quiz with the likes and dislikes- here's how my result panned out and you can see the unwanted hair accessories there by their lonesome, bottom right.

The total for my goodies is estimated at: $81.  Would I say this is accurate?  You tell me- let's keep looking in the box.  Once I got everything out I realized that these were all items I would buy.  They're not 'brand name' items but if I were to go to Maurice's (mall store) or to a boutique, I would pay easily what the sheet listed these items as.

What did I get?  I know you can see a watch, a necklace, and a bracelet- sho' nuff! I also received sunglasses- and every item was something I really, really liked.

The box info featured Danna Ann (I have no clue who that is) and the focus was on metals, layering, and Aztec influence.  I found each of these to be on point with summer trends and weren't light, flimsy pieces.

Let's look at these one at a time.  The Varsales watch- gold tone, faux pearl face and large, scripted numbers.  You can find the brand on Amazon and at Modnique.  However, I couldn't find the exact watch and that was nice.  It retails around $15-$20.  It came with the dial affixed with a plastic clip so that you would have a fresh battery and could set the time once the clip was removed.  It is gold tone with a wavy chain design and a hinged cuff clasp.  Cute!

Next is a cuff bracelet of silver-tone wire and various beads with a summery maize and charcoal color theme.  I found this to pair well with the other items in the box.  The cuff is sturdy, the beads well wrapped onto the frame and although it widens to slide on, the C shape of the cuff was heavy enough to withstand taking it on and off many, many times.  I liked the dangling beads on the corners- a fun little touch.

The third item is the necklace.  It is silver and gold toned with a chunky chain design.  What's cool about this is the silver has a hammered look that gave it a snake-skin like appearance.  This was very light- plastic feeling, but not any less cute than something I'd grab at Forever 21.

The last item was a really fun pair of wine colored sunglasses.  They had a retro feel, almost 70's look with their big cat-eye lenses, metal detail, and modern leopard print.  They feel durable and fit my face perfectly. I love, LOVE these!!

Here is a look at all of the items together- nice group, yeah?

So if you're like me you're wondering if these items are worth $36?  I can say that the pricing they show on the sheet is high- no way would I be charged $81 for these goodies- unless I shop where the pricing is high. I did my best to replicate a similar order on Forever 21's website- just to see if I shopped cheap, could I beat the $36 sub price.  Here is what I found.

For a pair of sunglasses, a watch (plain metal chain watch), a beaded cuff, and a similar (but smaller) metal-toned necklace my sub-total was around $35.  However, the watch in the Wantable box retails for $15, not 19.80....so give or take a few bucks.  With shipping it came to $44.53 but Wantable's shipping is free.

If I was hunting on Amazon, I did notice that if I wanted a hinged, chain-like watch the prices were around $29.00- so there's a bit of value in that.  I tried my best to find very similar items and look for the most affordable ones.  Here is what I found- more closely matched in price to the listing I received from Wantable.

(Hope you can read that, sorry it's tiny- you can click on it for a larger image should you like)

Did I get a deal?  I think so.  The deal lies in the shipping, the trendy products that are a fun surprise, and the gas/headache save you'd normally experience with a trip to the mall.  I am super duper pleased and I think you would be too if you gave Wantable a go.  I have a referral link to the left sidebar and at the beginning of this post.  I am really pleased with my box and even more so that it came before July 1st- giving me a month to enjoy the goodies instead of getting them in the middle.

Let me know your thoughts and if you see anything you like.  I should mention you also get a drawstring pouch for your sunnies and a velvet snap-closure pocket for your jewelry- that is around a $4 value or so- either way it's a nice quality touch.  With all of these yum yums- would you subscribe to Wantable too?

Lastly- here's me with my Wantable haul- I think it looks cute all together.  P.S.  I love that you can see my deck off my bedroom in the lenses.

Marilyn and I hope you have a great day,

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