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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Milani Baked Blushes: Swatches of Berries, Pinks, and Coral!

Hi there!

Have you ever bought something because you were mesmerized by how lovely it was?  Oh you know, those sparkly heels that were so high you felt like you couldn't bend your knees.  Yeah, done that.  Or perhaps that sequin dress that looked amazing and you picture yourself dancing, wearing jewelry and looking fab- but it ends up renting a permanent spot in your closet?  Yeah, me too.  But when I picked up these Milani baked blushes at Kmart (of all places, ew) I fell in love but thankfully, they wear as well as they look.

Take a closer peek.

Corallina- true pinked coral with gold flecks

Fantastico Mauve- rosy violet with bronze reflects

Rose D'Oro (Rose Gold)- rusty pink with copper shimmer

Dolce Pink- Bubblegum pink with subtle baby pink shimmer

Berry Amore- lavender laced mauve with bronze sheen

I used Berry Amore to top off my cranberry eyeshadow yesterday.  Thankfully with all the little particulates of gold/bronze shimmer you end up with a delicious berry shade that goes well with any skin instead of a glittery mess.  I was surprised yet again (as I've had these for a while) with how beautifully they apply.  I used a large sized duo-fibre brush from Coastal Scents to get this rosy flush.

Backs of the little gold compacts with peelable stickers for ingredients.  Each comes with a mirror and this tiny useless flat brush in a half-circle shape.  The bristles are too stiff of a plastic to really apply these in the way they deserve.  I wish freebie applicators would not happen.  No one uses them.  Instead put the money into better packaging or more product.  Just my two cents.

Swatches of the blushes are foiled and then air dried onto the back of my hand.  I photographed them in natural light.

I adjusted the angle of my hand to show how they have a more gleaming finish with more direct light.

Literally Rose D'Oro is just the perfect shade.  I love this on tan skin and find it to be a blush I grab often- even over more 'popular' shades like MAC's Tenderling.  My only grump is that my local Kmart is no more so I have zero ability to pick up Milani locally.  I hope that changes soon!

See anything you like?  Trust me, if you pick one of these up- unlike those glamma heels in your closet- you will use these all the time!

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1 comment:

Vanilla DreamCream said...

i love you color description of each blush and your HD pictures of the blush. I find that your foiled swatches don't do the blush justice of how the blush would actually look like but I do appreciate the creativity letting me know it would look like I tried foiling it