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Saturday, June 14, 2014

MAC Heroine vs Pure Heroine: MAC loves Lorde and Purple Lipstick!

Hi there,

So um, would you like your purple smoked and a little dark or a true royal (no pun intended) Lorde-like plum?  Above she's got a less vivid purple but she is known for her raven dark violet mouth as much as her music.  I'm game for both a great purple and a darker shade and love Lorde in both and MAC apparently was too.  Presenting to you today Heroine, a MAC purple lippie standard and Pure Heroine from MAC's Lorde offering which is limited edition.  Promo shot below.

MAC + Lorde

Side note, I was scrolling through tumblr looking for a good Lorde gif and let me tell you, it was surreal seeing all of this Legolas, Lord of the Rings junk go by and then there's Lorde saying, "call me Queen Bee." Mind blown, seriously- too much.

So while you're picturing Frodo and Lorde- redirect to the battle of the purple lipsticks :)  Is Heroine the same as Pure Heroine and do you need both?  Let's figure it out.

Heroine is usually hanging around MAC stores and online and is a matte true purple leaning towards a nice violet.  It is smooth and not drying.  Pure Heroine is a deeper version- slightly darker but not incredibly so.  It's MAC's Amplified formula which is more satiny and texturally they feel pretty much the same, although Pure Heroine is more slick.

Cost wise- Both are $16 but my Procard worked with Heroine but not with Pure Heroine.  Soooo I guess if you want to save and have a Pro account that could seal the deal for ya.  Also I might mention these are fresh from the box in my photos so I have no idea why Heroine was all dewy looking.  Maybe it got confused and thought this was a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover shot....either way, it was spotty compared to Pure Heroine.  Could be condensation.  I'm over it :) 

I swatched these both on the back of my hand.  I used about 6-7 swipes and you can see Pure Heroine applies a deeper color and is more shiny and less opaque.  Otherwise they are so very similar.  Honestly it was easier to tell them apart in the tube when I was wearing them.  You'll see what I mean when I get to the lip swatches.

Here is Heroine on lips- I'm a MAC NC15 or so in shade and I felt it had a nice whitening effect with my teeth and skin.  It felt smooth and didn't seem to cling to any dry patches although I do have a lot of lip lines.

Next up is Pure Heroine and you'll see that they aren't so different.  If I had to pick between the two, I prefer Pure Heroine.  I like that it's less 'purple' and the texture is a bit shinier, something I prefer.  Pure Heroine also seemed to wear prettier- does that make sense?

So if you're wondering what they look like side by side- here you go!

Oooh so close.  At least to me.  I feel like Pure Heroine is more sophisticated of a color and less purple but more berry rich violet.  You tell me what you think.

So overall, happy to own both but if you're on the fence, grab Pure Heroine.  The finish is lovely and as its limited edition, if you change your mind you can always grab Heroine later.  Let me know if you picked this up or which color you prefer!  Also note that if you get this shade what you see on Lorde isn't Pure Heroine- it's Cyber mixed with Heroine and a dark liner like Nightmoth.  She does wear MAC, but if you're hoping for her deep purple shade Pure Heroine won't get you there.  Try mixing a black liner with Heroine and creating an ombre effect or use a darker shade like Cyber and then mixing.  Just a teensy fyi!

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Have a great day,


Tina G said...

I like them both. It's hard to choose when purples are so fabulous. Lol. I do think Heroine is a bit more vibrant.

Margo @ PrettyPanda said...

Thanks for this!!! Really great comparison!!

Baroque In Babylon said...

Thanks Tina and Margo! I think both are usable in different ways. I'm happy that I have them- they're like sassy sisters!

Cin Seven said...

great comparison and I prefer Pure Heroine too!

Baroque In Babylon said...

Thanks Cin! I'm glad I have both but PH stole my heart.