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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lustrous Metallic Eyeshadows: Aromaleigh Alchemie Swatches!

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Oooh I love rich, gleaming gold and coppery, liquid looking bronze.  Find me something in rose gold and I really can't take my eyes off of it.  I'm fascinated by deep rich colors and the lava above- full of reds, golds, and bronze- just like this collection I wanted to share today.  Get ready to melt at the look of Aromaleigh's Alchemie eyeshadow collection- 20 metallic shades for whatever molten shade you may want.

The first 10 colors are the more cool shades- wisps of silver leading to full on Versailles worthy gold.

Fata- gleaming silver (seriously, chrome)
Divination- pewter
Amulet- faded mercury glass silver with a golden sheen
Guise- greenish hued old gold
Mercurial- rich antique gold with violet and royal blue sparks with a charcoal undertone
Chrysopoeia- true gold
Clairvoyant- deep buttery green gold
Trance- platinum gold
Ritual- tan gold
Geomancy- deep true gold with coppery shift

The swatches were foiled with water and let to dry on the back of my hand.  I photographed them in natural light indoors.  These were so tricky to photograph well.  Honestly, you shift at all and you might get a completely different look to the color.  I did my best- but when you see Fata, it's true chrome silver in real life.  My photos couldn't do them justice.

The light hits these so beautifully- I couldn't find an angle that didn't gleam.

The next ten were more warm shades with deep copper, gleaming red, and even a soft silvery blue.

Abracadabra- coppery gold
Animus- bronzed gold with coppery shift
Transmutation- true copper
Inferno- oxblood metallic red
Talisman- cranberry metallic
Superstition- *gorgeous!* deep maroon with violet spark and copper duochrome
Oracle- pinked platinum
Cryptic- lavender silver metallic
Aqua Vitae- icy violet with purple and blue sparks
Aether- sky blue metal with a touch of silver

Again, these were just gorgeous but so difficult to capture in their full shine.  You would be amazed by these if you saw them firsthand.  They are only $1 per sample at www.aromaleigh.com and they'll be some of your favorite eyeshadows should you pick some up.

Compare the photo below to the one above- can you see the shade variation- they look deeper or more light reflective as you move.  Although the color stays the same, the intensity varies.  I found that to be visually so lovely to watch.

Just for reference- here is the definition for alchemie (alchemy):


 noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)
Pseudoscience focused on the attempt to change base metals into gold. Ancient alchemists believed that, under the correct astrological conditions, lead could be “perfected” into gold. They tried to hasten this transformation by heating and refining the metal in a variety of chemical processes, most of which were kept secret. Alchemy was practiced in much of the ancient world, from China and India to Greece. It migrated to Egypt during the Hellenistic period and was later revived in 12th-century Europe through translations of Arabic texts into Latin. Medieval European alchemists made some useful discoveries, including mineral acids and alcohol. The revival led to the development of pharmacology under the influence of Paracelsus and to the rise of modern chemistry. Not until the 19th century were the gold-making processes of alchemists finally discredited.
Here are some precious metals for you to enjoy- feel free to compare them to the Alchemie eyeshadow you love too!  I've included little inserts of the product swatches to show just how closely these shades match metals found in nature.

[Images courtesy of Google and respective owners]

Gold bars in Fort Knox

Natural Copper

Pewter Flatware

Bronze Tile

Medieval Gold

If you have a craving for metallic finishes in makeup- these eyeshadows are so superbly made- you'll fall in love.  My favorites were Superstition and Mercurial for their spark of blue and violet.  I also loved Fata as it is a brilliant silver and Transmutation for it's rich coppery hue.  Did you find a favorite as well?

These are on sale at a very affordable $4.23 for a 5 g jar and $0.65 per sample!  Please go check them out!

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Margo @ PrettyPanda said...

Gosh these are gorgeous! My favorite it Mercurial!

Baroque In Babylon said...

Hi Margo- oh my goodness it is so pretty. I might retake some photos with a macro just to get the beauty of these shades. I felt like I couldn't get the camera to do them justice.