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Friday, June 6, 2014

Going Out to Celebrate RN Degree Makeup: Bun, Bangs, + Brown Smoky Eye! P.S. We ate Cheesecake!

Hey you like my Dyson over my right shoulder?  

Hi there,

Oooh de lolly, but I am happy!  I received my degree in the mail yesterday.  To celebrate, my husband Jeff and I wanted to go to dinner.  We're both trying to slim down (story of our lives) so it seems like going to eat is what people do, right?  I mean I can't just go paragliding at 7 pm or something adventurous- so we headed off to the Cheesecake Factory.

I pulled my hair up in a big bun which by the way, is super easy to do.  Pull your hair up in a high ponytail, above the crown of your head- then tie it back with an elastic.  Take the ponytail and spread it out lengthwise so it looks like it's fanned out all over your head with the center of the ponytail exposed and flat in the middle.  To get it into a bun, take the ends of your hair above your face and pull the ends clockwise, gathering hair as you go- it sounds tricky but it will give you a messy big bun.  I then put another elastic and pull it out and adjust until it looks the way I want.  The final touch was to brush down my bangs and pull some hair down on the sides of my face to keep it looking too severe.

Here's how it turned out- complete with vacuum backdrop :)

For makeup it was all natural shades and a brown smokey eye.


Foundation, MAC Full Coverage NC15, applied with Crown foundation brush
Powder, MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation,  NW15
Bronzer, MAC Sculpting powder, Sculpt
Highlight, MAC Sculpting powder, Emphasize

Contour, ELF Studio Blush, Candid Coral
Blush, MAC Mineralize blush, Dainty

Primer, MAC Select Cover UP Concealer NW15
Lid, Coastal Scents Hot Pot, Chocalatier
Crease, Coastal Scents Hot Pot, Deep Roast
Grey on lid near lashline, Coastal Scents Hot Pot, Concrete Jungle
Lower lashline, Coastal Scents Hot Pot, Deep Roast
Liner upper, Starlooks Gel liner, Ashley Hackman Black Hole
Liner lower, MAC Eye Kohl, Teddy
Mascara, L'Oreal Voluminous Extra Volume Collagen Infused mascara, Very Black
Brows, MAC eyeshadow, Mystery

Liner, MAC Pro Longwear pencil, Etcetera
Lips, MAC, Shy Girl
Gloss, MAC Lustreglass, Love Nectar

Perfume:  Thierry Mugler Angel

I wore rose gold CZ earrings and a fun little statement necklace that was gold tone and clear stones.  I had on mint skinny jeans, a black/grey striped shirt with a v in the back (I wore it backwards because it's too low and I hate that, plus the V looks better in the back) and on my feet were black espadrille wedges.  I carried the JustFab bag Signature and beyond that, it was cheesecake time!

Outfit pull-together, but the tshirt isn't the same- I seriously bought it at Wal-Mart for like $2 but this was the closest image I could find online.  The rest is it, babe!

For dinner I shared the Steak Diane and Chicken Madeira with my husband and we had the Lemon Raspberry cheesecake.....yumma yumma.  Seriously, I ate the mushrooms while my husband ate the meat. Do you do that- portion off what you like?  I was happy with the veggies, they taste just as good if not better than the protein bit sometimes.

Courtesy of Cheesecake Factory and 8 million calories

I also love the strawberry lemonade at CF- it's tart with just enough sweetness to temper the bite.  It was fun to lick a bit of the sugar off the rim of the glass while Jeff and I talked.  The sun went down and we finished our date by dreaming outside of Z Gallerie about blue velvet sofas and chandeliers.  We walked hand in hand back to the car and drove home.

Ladies and gents, it's official- I'm the first in my immediate family to graduate from college and I received an Associate's Degree, Nursing with High Honors and babe, I'm stoked!  We nursing students joke that an ASN in nursing is a Bachelor's in another degree- it's true.  I started in 2011 and I won't get my BSN until Spring 2015, but it was worth every single second.  It's an honor to be a part of it.

Have a great day,


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Congratulations on finishing your degree!!

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Thank you!!

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