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Monday, June 23, 2014

Fyrinnae Summer 2014 Collection: Hold On To Your Brights!

Hi there!

Oh boy!  Six punchy shades from Fyrinnae are in my hot little hands!  Fyrinnae whipped up five new colors and a brilliant berry colored lip luster for this summer! I foiled each of the shades on the back of my hand with water and applied the lippie straight from the tube.  Take a look!

Across the top is the lip luster titled 'Sexy Nerd'.  The shadows are all pretty much a matte or deep velvety shade except for Debonair, my sample with my order which is a shimmery lavender touched with gold.

But get on up on that lip luster!

Just in case you wanted to get a little closer to that gorgeous color...

In true Fyrinnae fashion, when I open a jar I immediately gasp out a long, drawn "oooooh".  The pigmentation in these is so deep and velvety, it's like you're seeing what blue should really be.  Join in ooh'ing with me the oh-so-blue Admiral Ferret.

And if blue isn't your thing but you die for purple- this will be a treat for you!  I present Inappropriate Popsicles.  They are inappropriate because this pigment practically assaults yo' eyeballs!

Now let's get to the swatches- I don't want to give all the colors away.  But they do pop!  They remind me of Sugarpill's palettes but what is so nice is that these are a fraction of the cost and the jars I'm showing you are sample sizes- incredible, yeah?  Fyrinnae never skimps on quality or pigmentation- which you'll see in the upcoming shots.

Get an up close and personal look at the texture- perfectly opaque, rich pigment, and smooth like velvet.

Admiral Ferret- vibrant cobalt blue, slight sheen when up close, but appears matte
Debonair- Pale violet with golden pink sparkle
Inappropriate Popsicles- Royal indigo velvet
Fallen Angel Food Cake- Twinkie yellow with an orange cast and slight sheen
Drunken Gummy Bears- Vivid peridot
Vicious Garden Gnome- Mauve touched magenta

Okay I couldn't help myself I was picturing pervy twin-pops (you know you loved the root beer ones and broke them in two) and weebly sloppy gummy bears waving mugs around.  The worst was the visual of the Travelocity gnome biting people on a beach.  It was an odd moment picturing these things while swatching.  Leave it up to Fyrinnae to have fun names for their shades!

Now I should mention that a lip luster isn't a gloss and it's not a lipstick.  It's like both- it applies with a glide like finish but dries soft, retaining some of the slick texture but not runny.  They're unique and hold their color quite well.

Sexy Nerd- blue toned hot pink with gold and raspberry cast.  It's like MAC's Pink Poodle but better.

I was so excited to swatch these up for you!  I literally got them today and ripped the bag open and busted out my camera.  I love Sexy Nerd and the vivid pigmentation of this little quintet of color.  Did you see anything you like?

Feel free to pick up the set- it's quite affordable.  Full sized jars are $6.25 and a mini (er, sample) is $2.25. The lip lusters are slightly more expensive with $7 for a full sized tube and a $2 sample tube.  I should mention the jars as mini's are more than generous at 1/3 tsp as most indie samples are 1/8 of a tsp.  The full size hold 3 g which is pleeenty.  The full sized lip luster are 8 mL and the samples are 1.5 mL.

If you pick any of this up or see something you love, let me know!

Have a great day,

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