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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette: Review + Swatches of the SECOND Revealed palette!

Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette

Hi there!

Just after it's release at www.coastalscents.com I picked up the Revealed 2 palette!  It retails for $19.95, but in a flash sale I picked it up for $9.95.  I loved the first Revealed palette and if you'd like to check out my review, go HERE.  I compared that palette to all 4 of the UD Naked palettes.  I did the same with this and honestly the only dupes I could really see were on the Naked 3 (pretty much all dupes for UDN3) and UDBasics.  I'll have those swatches up probably in the next post!

BUT for now, here is the Coastal Scents Revealed 2 palette- get ready to check out some rosy warm shades and some nice mattes for a change!

Back of the packaging

The palette comes in a cardboard box and encased in a thin sheet of bubble wrap.  I ordered my palette online and within 48 hours it was on my doorstep.  So as much as I hate the $8+ shipping, it did arrive fast!

When you open up the cardboard palette- you have 20 delicious shades ranging from milky ivory, deep wine to a rich matte black.

I loved it so much I wanted to show it to you in slightly different light- again :)

The left half of the palette, top and bottom rows-

Same section of eyeshadows but without the numerics-

Next is the right hand side of the palette, top and bottom rows-

And without numerics- look at the texture on #19 and the rich pigment of #17- I love it.

Before you are more gratuitous palette shots- because when I get a new palette I like to admire it- from various angles.  I'm a bit color fascinated and this palette is very visually appealing to me.  I love the rosy shades mixed with chocolates and berry colors.

I was also pleased to see a nice mix of mattes and shimmery shades.  It helps with the wear-ability to have different textures to maximize combinations of colors.

Now I'll get to the swatches.  Top row first, left to right which I've numbered 1-10.  Photos were taken in natural light, foiled with water onto my hand.

My take on the shades are:

1.  Pale matte ivory
2.  Soft satiny ballerina pink
3.  Shimmery creamsicle tangerine
4.  Shimmery pink with gold reflects
5.  Warm satiny melon
6.  Matte dusty mauve
7.  Sparkle creamy golden ivory
8.  Sparkly rose pink
9.  Coppery shimmer with gold reflects
10.  Toasted golden tan shimmer

I also placed my swatches above the row of shades so you can see the color transfer from pan to skin. Excited to report that you didn't have any 'what the?' type of surprises- truly what you see is what you get!

Next up are the last 10 shades- all considerably darker in shade than any of the first ten.  All swatched on my hand, natural sunlight, foiled with watah.

My take on these shades are-

11.  Plum toned matte mauve
12.  Satiny coppery bronze
13.  Matte dirty mauve
14.  Satin finished true brown with copper sparks
15.  Golden metallic brown
16.  Dirty plum with silver reflect satin
17.  Matte rich cranberry
18.  Grey toned brown satin
19.  Black based bronzed maroon with rainbow sparkle
20.  Matte deep black

Here are the shades in the pan above the swatches on my hand.  I'm happy to report that the payoff was lovely with all of the colors and although you do get a bit of crumble when you swipe your brush, it's not a mess that blends into a smeared mess.  You get a decent finish and excellent payoff- honestly, these perform as well as MAC pans do.

A little close up of #19- a gorgeous multi-dimensional shade of blackened plum.

Just for the heck of it- the top row of 20 shades are the first Revealed palette and the bottom 20 are the Revealed 2 palette.  You can see how one is very much a neutral palette and the second is similar in idea, but with much more of a berry/pink/bronze leaning.

Hope you enjoyed checking out this new palette from Coastal Scents!  Did it make your 'I want it' list?  Let me know if you have either the first or second Revealed palette.  I found them both to be well worth $19.95 and a steal if on sale.  If you get the chance, I highly (as in A+) recommend them as a very affordable and well performing dupe for Urban Decay's Naked series of palettes.  If you wanted Naked 3 but balked at the price tag- I really feel minus a shade or two that you've got a serious dupe contender in the Revealed 2 palette.  Don't take my word for it- pick one up and you'll fall in love as well.

Have a great day,


Cin Seven said...

Some really nice shades, and great swatches!

Baroque In Babylon said...

Thanks Cin! xoxo

Sarah C. said...

Those are some beautiful swatches and a great overview of the palette! Do you happen to know if Coastal Scents has hot pot versions of these shades?

Baroque In Babylon said...

Hi Sarah- I emailed CS and they said that the Revealed palettes didn't correspond to existing Hot Pots. BUT I am going to do a dupe list soon of the Hot Pots that I think are really close. I should have it up by next month.