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Friday, May 9, 2014

Swatches of Coastal Scents Hot Pots- Warm Neutrals

Hi there!

Okay so I spent a gad of money on mostly (okay, all but like 8) Coastal Scents Hot Pots.  Before you think I'm truly crazy, I got them on sale, 50% off at 0.99 cents each (sales come around often, wait for them).  I realize that's still a lot.  BUT I wanted them and it worked for me at the time to get them.

Here are 21 of what I consider 'warm neutrals'.  I have these in a two-sided MAC pro palette with a clear divider.  It's the large duo palette and I placed the colors myself with no particular effort other than colors I thought went well with each other.

Let's get to swatches!  All of these were foiled with water- no primer.

Here is a photo of the palette, without shade names.  These are nearly identical in size and product weight to MAC pans, but don't affix to MAC palettes.  I use tiny little magnets to keep them in.  To see my post on how to do this, go HERE.

I swatched the top 12 first, from left to right.  I found the matte shades hardest to foil with water.  They also crumble a little easier than MAC, more like Urban Decay shadows in texture.  Few have glitter but some have a metallic texture and a lot have a shimmer finish.  What you see with these is that in the pan the shade is often different than the payoff, but I've not had any be duds.  I like each one I've bought.

Above are the pan photos of the products found at www.CoastalScents.com.  They appear a tad off and sometimes the color is muted online compared to the actual pan you'll receive.  Below are the swatches on my hand.  I found the color payoff to resemble to a large degree the image you'll see online.  My take on the shades are-

Vanilla Sky- Shimmery cool ivory
Lemon Chiffon- Pale icy green shimmer
Chamois Nude- Matte soft peach
Reef Sand- Shimmer flesh tone
Nude- Satin soft beige
Flesh Tone- Warm buttery beige
Bermuda Sand- Greige taupe with gold flecks of glitter
Sand Dune- Warm taupe shimmer
Pink Silver- Peachy shimmer with silver flecks
Pale Nude- Matte pale apricot
Caramel Ice- Shimmery soft tangerine

Next up are the last few in the palette.  I have 2 of Cinnamon Stone (same as two of Reef Sand).  I use those shades a lot so I have doubles.  

However, what's weird (and often happens with Coastal Scents Hot Pots) is that they are slightly different in shade although it's the same color.  Take a look up at Reef Sand and you'll see what I mean- the second one is slightly darker than the first.  The swatch though, is still very similar, if not the same. So keep that in mind if you choose to order, it will be really close to what you're choosing but sometimes you might use it and think, "Huh, I didn't expect that."

The warmer shades at the bottom of the palette- Coastal Scents pan photos-

The palette is great because the top shades are lid/highlight shades and the bottom are warmer more opaque lid/contour/crease shades.  I am a sucker for bronzey/deep peach eyeshadow.  Give me a bronze and I melt. Here is my take on these shades-

Peach Silver- Shimmery orange
Mauve- Rosy terracotta matte
Cajun Craze- Reddened bronze shimmer
Petal Peach (Coastal Scents flubbed and put the image of Persian Peach up for this one on their site)- Matte pumpkin
Bronze Peach- Deep terracotta matte
Peach- Shimmer warm peach
Paprika- Red brown matte
Tuscany- Reddened sienna matte
Peachy Copper- Shimmery rich copper bronze
Cinnamon Stone- Rich chocolatey bronze satin

Another quick note on these Hot Pots, some shades look identical (ahem, Paprika and Tuscany, that's you)...but they aren't.  They're just off enough to be different.  If you're deciding between the two, you can get along fine with one.   But if you're OCD like someone I won't mention that writes this blog, then two will do ya dandy.

See any colors you like?  I found that Peach was a nice little dupe for Fyrinnae's Rapunzel Had Extensions. You're probably wondering if there are any MAC dupes in this.  I will take a few guesses and say that there are (like Samoa Silk = Pale Nude and Soft Brown = Paprika) but honestly, if you want to dupe MAC, just buy 10 of these that are close and not only will you have 10 eyeshadows, but a dupe for 1 MAC in the mix.  I might come back and edit these posts with MAC dupes, but for now I simply wanted swatches.

Quality of these are great- they last, don't crease, lay beautifully on primer, and are affordable.  You can't go wrong with a Coastal Scents Hot Pot!

Have a great day,


padli said...

thanks, i like your post . goodness

Maryam Al-Mohsen said...

Amazing post! I've been looking for swatches everywhere!


Baroque In Babylon said...

Thank you! Glad it's helpful!