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Friday, May 16, 2014

May 2014 Ipsy: Open Up My Subscription With Me!

Hi there!

My Ipsy bag just arrived and I love getting the padded fuchsia envelope.  I appreciate that it is distinctive, because it promotes the fun of opening up the subscription- like a monthly present!

But this month's bag isn't my fave.  I love the actual canvas zippered pouch it came in.  Apparently my Boston Terrier Molly likes it too (see above).  It's cute, decently sized and will hold a day's face of products.

However, the contents inside read like a crummy travel set.  Tiny, sample sized tubes of things that I can't say I'd purchase or care about.  Yet, now I have them and likely I'll pass them along to my kids.

The only full sized product was this eyeshadow duo from Pacifica.  It's a bland taupe/purple and off white.  It looks cheap.  It's not that great of a selection and I feel like it's something Pacifica had in their clearance bin and then shipped it off to Ipsy for removal.

Next, balanced guru No Frizz Oil.  It looks nice and is half an ounce or 15 mL of product.  I have a ton of hair so this is like 2 uses and then gone.  I have rough texture in my hair so this at least is something I would want to try and if I like it, buy the full size offering.  Still- I was hoping for a couple of full sized products or more makeup at least.

When I saw this I thought, "Hey Neutrogena!" and then saw it was pur-lisse.  It's a moisturizer and is the same volume as the hair oil.  I could get a few days out of it.  However, I'm rather in love with my Embryolisse/Olay so I don't know if this is a big hooray product for me.

Now this was my favorite *snarky eye roll of sarcasm here*.  It's a mask with honey in it (I gather) that I have to go to a website to figure out how to use it.  Like they couldn't print two sentences on the tube? Slightly smaller in size at 9 mL, it's a face mask and I could get a couple of uses out of it.  That is, if I'm not too lazy to go look up how to smear it on my face.  Bah.

I then saw this and thought, "Oh Spa from Bath and Body Works" but nope.  It's a sunblock, SPF 50 (I'm assuming broad spectrum) and I will toss this in my purse.  Cute, decent- hey I use sunblock.

So that was it.  Not the most exciting right?  I do like the bag so the samples are useful-ish, but for the most part I wouldn't have cared if this didn't show up.  Nothing that really made my eyes light up.  The back of the bag is plain natural/oatmeal shade of canvas and all the goodies fit in with room to spare.

And Molly couldn't resist getting in one last sniff.  Thanks Ipsy for the stuff, I  hope next month is better.

Sorry for the pooh-pooh review, but if I haven't thrown you off of Ipsy (most bags are better) the right sidebar offers a link to subscribe.  You'll see it rolling up there on the right hand side of the page.  If you've heard of these products or have used them- drop me a line.  I'd love to give them more credit than what I currently am, which is a meh sort of shrug.

Have a great day,

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