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Thursday, May 15, 2014

March and April Starlooks Starbox! Open My Subscription Box With Me!

Hi there!

I have not one, but TWO Starlooks Starboxes for you.  I was in the throes of my last RN school semester so these gathered a bit of dust.  But I shined them up for you and here there are, for your eyes and mine.

March's Starbox was an Ashley Hackman special edition.  Some of you might've heard of Ashley, but I hadn't.  She looked pretty on the promo photos, so hey, points for that.  

April's Starbox was all Spring-ey with purple and teal and had a fun little surprise.  Let's keep looking and find out what it was :)

Let's start first with March and Ashley Hackman.  It was pretty standard and at first I was thinking, okay black liner and red lipstick- we all have like 8 of each.  But this was quite nice.  Don't get bored yet.

Below is the box, all opened up!  The little crystal lies below the lip liner pencil (a cute freebie Starbox puts in each box).  There is a full size red lippie and a black gel/creme liner.

The red lipstick is named Boss and the pencil is Cherry Cedar.  The lipstick is a fiery orange leaning red with a bit of golden gleam.  The lip pencil is a rich dark cherry shade. You'd think these two would look like crap together- dark liner and an orangish red?  But they do complement each other well and I was impressed with how gorgeous Boss is.

The gel/creme liner is called Black Hole- a nice slick formula that applies smooth and opaque- to a lacquered black.

Swatches- from top to bottom are:

Cherry Cedar- it looks like canned cherry pie filling in color.
Boss- Golden touched orange red
Black Hole- um, black

Here it is on my lips.  My only gripe is that the pencil is a bit crumbly.  You can see it on the upper portion of my lip there- just a speck.  Not a huge deal, but I left it so you can see how it applies.  The lipstick however, is silky without feeling oily.  Very slick and shiny lipstick!

Now that we have March covered, let's hop into April!

The surprise is a small packet of wildflowers.  Okay I like flowers, but I ordered makeup.  If I wanted a cute packet of wildflowers I'd get some.  It's a darling touch, but I'd rather have had a product to put on my face instead of in my yard.  I guess I technically could put them on my face but yeah, not today ha ha.

Swatches (foiled with water) on my hand and the bubble gum pink lip gloss heart too!

The shades applied nicely- especially that grass green shade.  I kinda dig it.

A closer look.  The cranberry shade took some building, but turned out nice with 2-3 swipes.

Then it got ugly.  I opened up the gloss and the plunger was MIA.  Instead the wand dipped straight into the product creating a gooey mess that will surely leak if I lay this thing on its side.

Take a looksee- yes it looks like a tube of lipgloss or a colon.  My apologies.

But look how pretty it is on!  It's not too 80's bimbo frost and it's not sticky or oily feeling.  I wanted to hate this color but in truth, it was quite nice.

I have to admit I really, really like my Starbox subscription.  It's $15.00 per month, usually arrives the latter half of the month and shipping is free.  I have a subscription banner scrolling on the right sidebar (same for Ipsy too) if you'd like to get one of your very own!

See anything you like?  I thought it all was great except for the gloss mishap.  It didn't affect the product, but basically its unusable, which meh....I can toss it in my stash.  I will email Starlooks and see what they say about a replacement.  I have a good feeling it'll turn out all right in the end (ha ha colon joke).

Have a great day,

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