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Friday, May 9, 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatic collection- Online May 15, 2014!

Hi there!

Images courtesy of Google and MAC
Kinda super duper excited about this MAC collection!  My pro discount didn't work for Maleficent or Proenza Schouler, so I'm hoping it does for this- the packaging is really beautful!

It's metallic aqua with faux water drops that are raised on the packaging.  A lot of the extra dimension products are featured with nude to deep ruby for lips.  I'm hoping to get a few items- probably a lipstick and a blush.

See anything you like?

It's like Tiffany blue with a bit more green- I really love it- I wish I could paint my bathroom in this color scheme- warm terra cotta bronze and brown with mint!

Have a great day!


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