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Friday, May 30, 2014

Going Today to See Maleficent! In 3D!

Hi there!

Excited to go see Maleficent in a few hours.  It could either be overhyped and cheesy or visually fun to just zone out and watch for a bit.  Either way, how can I not love it based on the above screencap alone?

Here are the reasons why I want to see this-

1.  The red lipstick and glowing eyes- I love it.
2.  I read an article about the costume design and how they integrated wood, leather, and feathers, all naturally found elements, to create Maleficent's look, with Angelina Jolie heavily involved in the planning of it.
3.  It's a darker more serious turn on a film that largely gets overlooked in Disneydom "Sleeping Beauty" and along the lines of Wicked, gives the baddie some airtime beyond being eeeeevil.

Disney Pictures 

4.  Did I mention Angelina's lipstick again?  I also love the little pop of yellow on the browbone in the 'awkward moment' scene.

I'll report back and share how it goes sans spoilers!

3D too!  Woo!

Have a great day,

Post film reaction:  Surprised at the emotional connection to the characters that I had.  I expected it to be predictable and cheesy (which in the end and at some parts it was)....but found it to be dark in a unique way and really relative to a lot of female issues when in relationships.  A really good message that is very pro-girl! I give it 4 out of 5 stars!  My favorite pieces were Angelina's facial expressions and her voice- she made the character.

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