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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Darling Girl Cosmetics: The Darling Chicks Collection- Swatches!

Photo Courtesy of Darling Girl Cosmetics
 Hi there!

Just hatched from Darling Girl Cosmetics is a spring-time set perfect for sunnier days.  The Darling Chicks collection is limited edition, ending May 2014.  A petit set is only $20 for all eight shades- so hurry and grab yours!

Here's how owner of Darling Girl Cosmetics, Susan Woodall came up with the collection:

"I always love when I can get customers involved in collections and this was one that I kind of had a concept for but was coming up blank on names so I turned to my group Darling Girl Glitter Haven to help me come up with names and they came up with some really cute names for this collection, so a big thank you to all my Glitter Haven girls!"

I saw these colors being named on the Glitter Haven page and I thought they were pretty fun.  It's always fun to pick up a new Indie makeup collection (Indie = non mass market, independently developed makeup). What sealed the deal for me were the mint and lavender shades.  A girl can never get enough mint!

That reminds me of those yummy Andes mints you get in hotels sometimes- in the green foil wrapper.  Dang those are good.  I chop them up with pecans in cookies and yeah, no wonder I'm chubbin' right now.

Here are the eyeshadows, which thankfully are calorie free (unlike the mints!)

If you'd like to order your own set, go HERE.  That's how I ordered mine and DG always offers a nice gift with purchase (GWP) shade for orders over $10.  Out of the three available, I chose Tip Taupe.

Swatches below on my hand, natural light, without primer and foiled with water.  Enjoy your Chicks!

Chicka Chicka Boom- Buttery golden tan
Chick Me Out- Lime chiffon with ivory frost
Chicks Dig It- Satiny mint with silver shimmer
Tricky Chick- Vibrant (gorgeous, ahem, GORGEOUS) azure with satin finish
I Got the Magic Chick- Silvered lavender with violet/blue duochrome
Chickster- Green flashing leopard brown
Chick Flick- Deep jewel tone violet with reflective violet spark
Chick Magnet- Deep iris purple with gold iridescence  *P.S.  Susan mentioned on FB that this is a nice dupe for Laura Mercier's African Violet

GWP Tip Taupe- Pink duochrome ivory beige

Below are the same swatches, different angle and without font so you can eyeball them fully.

A little bit closer- look how bright and pretty Chicks Dig It (mint) and Tricky Chick (sky blue) are!

Sizing of products is as follows (taken from DG site):  Full sizes are packaged in 5g jars with approximately 3/4 tsp of product. Petits are packaged in 3g jars with approximately 1/4 tsp of product.

I usually order petits to try them out, but if there is a stunner it's always great to get a full sized jar.  However, I've yet to run out of a petit jar, so they are generously sized.

If I had to pick a favorite, I would say Tricky Chick is my heart's desire out of this set.  Second would be Chick Me Out (probably guessed I'd pick the mint shade, yeah?) but let me explain- the chartreuse/lime chiffon is unusual, so it appeals to me.  Those two are my faves.  See any you like?

Have a great day,


Susan Woodall said...

Thank for sharing your beautiful swatches! <3

Baroque In Babylon said...

You're welcome- I really loved these colors.