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Friday, May 16, 2014

Curvy Girl Dresses: Dress of the Month: Chocolate Lace!

Hi there!

I've been waiting for my RN pinning photos to come back.  The dress worked out beautifully and a lot of the responses were, 'What a great dress!"  I'm grateful that I got to wear the perfect outfit- as many times for me, I end up thinking, "What the heck" instead of "yeah, baby!"

So I wanted to keep sharing some of the great finds at Curvy Girl Dresses.  They offer jeans, jeggings, dresses and other items- some plus size, some not.  There really is a nice variety.

The one dress that stood out to me was this chocolate lace number.  I love textured fabric and this is so pretty.  

I thought it would be cute if I paired it with JustFab's handbag Walk the Line and their wedge sandals named Celestine.  Take a look!

Walk the Line, JustFab
Walk the Line, JustFab
 I like the idea of mixing stripe and pattern.  I think the simple bit of animal print across the toe is enough to catch the eye without looking too busy.  The purse is versatile and large enough to balance out the hemline and lace of the dress.

Celestine, JustFab

For jewelry I would wear a longer pendant, a gold belt, and some sparkly dangly earrings and bangles.  I might even throw my hair up for an evening out.  I could see myself wearing this in Old Town San Diego and then a quick stroll by the beach.  Here's my style inspiration pairing to see it together.

The dress has cute cap sleeves, a smocked waist (perfect for that solid metal cuff belt) and is a bit lower than the knee.  The asymmetrical pattern of the lace is flattering and slimming.  Perfect to show off your summer (spray) tan!

If you like the dress or want to see more, click HERE.  I love the selection and the shipping is super fast.  I don't get paid or any kickback to recommend Curvy Girl.  I simply just had a lovely shopping experience and wanted to share.

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