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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Coastal Scents Hot Pots: Swatches of Golden Neutrals and Bronzes

Hi there!

I am listening to LeAnn Rimes' album 'Spitfire' and controversy aside, it's a fun listen.  While she's crooning, I've been editing photos of my Coastal Scents Hot Pot palettes.  I have nearly all the shades (minus a few redundant yellows and such) and here are my golden neutrals.  They're organized in similar shade/tone for the most part, but the neutrals were hard.  I didn't want to shove all the bronzes together and all the highlighters together and not have a portable palette for a complete look.  Who knows- I might reorganize.  How would you sort them?

While we're both arranging little pots of color in a rainbow in our heads, here are the pots in a bit different light than the photo above.  You can see how they vary in tone based on the light.

Here is the post header photo with shade names- take a looksee!

And these babies had to hop onto my hand so I could see the color play- take a look!  Colors were foiled with water and photographed in natural light.  Sorry about Golden Touch, I ran out of hand :)  I'm starting with the first 11 shades, ending with Golden Touch.

Please note that the bold shade names are backlinked to the product listing on Coastal Scents' website.  That way you can find purchase info, nifty shade background stuff, and finish type.  I've written in what my take on the individual colors are.

Victorian Pear- warm caramel satin with pink shift
Mai Tai- rosy mauve taupe
Peach Fuzz- soft muted violet pink pastel shimmer
Frosty Taupe- olive tinged dirty golden brown
Cherry Moss- rosy tan with green shift
Goldmine- blonde gold
Dark Goldenrod- green shifting tan gold
Elven Gold- green shifting shimmery yellow gold
Siesta Sands- white gold with gold reflect
Polished Ivory- true camel
Golden Touch- shimmery yellow gold

Here are the colors as shown on Coastal Scents' website to show shade variation based on what you think you're ordering versus what you'll get.  You can see that Polished Ivory is so much more warm and brown than the online photo portrays.  Feel free to scroll up or down to look at the swatch compared to the online image.  

I'll do the rest later- I've got more swatching to do.  Hope you like these- do you see any that catch your eye?

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Baroque In Babylon said...
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Gena said...

Lotsa hard work; great job! xoxo Gena

Baroque In Babylon said...

Thanks Gena!