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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rose Gold Glitter Lips!

Rose Gold Glitter Lips!
Hi there!

In keeping with my Rose Gold admiration lately, I thought I'd try some glittery rose gold lips.  I tried to find pictures on Google and lo and behold- there was nothin'!  Seriously, try it.  You'll not find anyone who has a bona fide rose gold lipstick or anything even close to fill your little rose gold lovin' heart.  Not a single rose gold mouth to be found.  There were a few close calls, but honestly, if you want something done, you gotta do it yourself.

So I did.  Take a peek at my rose gold glitter lips!

Here's me all doody up'd ready to get mah glittah on!

I had to claim my inner Raquel Welch (or something) to match my fierce pout!

Here's what you'll need for this look:

Glitter from ebay seller mildeast1211
Lip pencil, lipstick, and gloss all by MAC- glitter I bought on ebay for super duper cheap- like $1.00 for the whole jar.  The seller was mildeast1211 and the glitter came in a set of 12 jars from China.

Disco Blend Superglass & Ramblin' Rose Lipstick by MAC
Some real quick swatches so you can see the base color for this look.  Boldly Bare is a very flattering rosy neutral that goes perfectly with this rose gold look.  Ramblin' Rose is THE rose gold lipstick for me.  It's pink undertone and golden pearl are exactly what I wanted.  Add to the two Disco Blend (a rather gritty) glittery gloss coat and you're all set.  Only thing missing is the glitter!

After you line your lips, fill it in with lipstick and then gloss it up- grab your MAC pigment in Melon.  It's a gorgeous rosy coral eyeshadow that you can use all over the place.  Get ready- you're going to put it on your lips-  pat it on with your ring finger and it'll settle into the gloss with a metallic glow.

As for the glitter- all I did was get a lip brush from L'Oreal that I picked up at the Dollar Store (fo' real) and patted the glitter onto the gloss.  I layered it until I felt it was super sparkly.  Then, I took lots of photos and blasted my blog and Facebook.  I was so proud of that glittery mess!

Here are some more photos and in closing, a video- excuse the skin (honestly, what was I thinking) other than it's 10:30 at night and I'm tired...

To get this off, be prepared to use some baby wipes or some cleanser and a washcloth.  It'll stay on for a few hours and even get you through a night out if you're careful.  The glitter is large enough that if it falls from your lips, you'll feel it on your tongue or on your face (sorry, but it's the reality of it, lol) and just flick it off as the hours pass.  Believe me, you'll have packed so much glitter on, one or two fallouts won't even be noticeable.

That's it for my Rose Gold glitter lips- I sure love that beigey blush tone.  I think it's going to be my favorite for a while now.  I just can't get enough and I love how this turned out.  Thanks for stopping by to see me get my Rose Gold on.  I sure had fun creating this and I hope you loved it too!

Have a great day,



Vulcan_Butterfly said...

WOW, this looks really neat! The glitter stayed on really well. Good idea in using Melon on the lips.

Baroque In Babylon said...

Thank you! I loved this so much.