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Thursday, March 13, 2014

November 2013 Starlooks Starbox! Open Up With Me!

Hi there!

I have an interesting relationship with subscriptions.  In general, I like them.  BUT, I feel like sometimes you get such crappy boxes that you start thinking you've made a mistake.  It's that boyfriend that was so great for like 3 months and then suddenly you come home and he's playing the Xbox for 12 hours and you get to rethinkin' this whole gig.  I felt that way about Glossybox- first delivery was great.  I liked what I got, happy, yadda yadda....then suddenly the next month, no box.  No freakin' box.  They got paid and I got a whole lotta zilch.  So I cancelled.  Which ended up being a phone call for 20 minutes on hold and then some rude lady all irritated...I was glad that break up happened.  I don't even miss you GB.

Then came Starlooks.  I saw them first via Lauren Clark (who I really admire) and thought, okay, I'll try it. I'm happy I did.  Everything is full-size and performs really, really well.  I mean okay, like that bronzey metallic lipstick that makes me look like the white chubby long-haired version of Grace Jones (that is a stretch, I know)....might not be the best color of lipstick.  BUT I still like the quality and the full-sizeyness of it.

Subscribe by clicking adbox below- affiliate link, but I don't get paid.  You however get a nice package every month!

Starlooks Starbox

So la la, superlatives aside, subscribe if you want (my link is in the right sidebar scrollin' at ya)....or just take a look.  I ordered this one as a 'past Starbox' and have been really pleased.  Hello, ORION is to die for. It's the braggy self-assured gel eyeliner in my stash because she know she daaaang fine.

Here is the November 2013 Starbox, which you can still order for $25.00 HERE

The size of the box is about that of a small hardcover book.  It's square and usually bound with a metallic elastic.  The embossed lettering is lovely and the inside is always packed tight and securely with cotton padding, tissue, and an explanatory card.

Once you pop the lid, there is a little card that briefly explains what you're getting.  Now don't cheat and go online to see who got what this month- open and find out.  I love the surprise of subscriptions- it's like a monthly present.

This month offered an eyeshadow palette in bright colors meant for a pop of tropical orange and a base of teal.  I really liked this palette, but mostly the gel liner, hence my back-ordering this little baby.

Once you get past the card, you open the tissue and below are the items, individually packaged.  You also get a little freebie item- can you see it?

Here is each item as you open it up!  The sharpener was your typical sharpener.  Or is it?  Actually, the little insert that is a small pencil apparatus is removable and you then have a larger insert for bigger pencils.  Say whaa?  I love that it is multi-use.  Sweet.  It retails for $2.79.  I appreciated this because I hate having a flat eyeliner and wondering where the heck my sharpener is at. Thanks Starlooks!  I also love the little freebie- it's hard to tell what it is, but I'll show you here in a sec-

Duo Sharpener, courtesy of Starlooks
And as I mentioned- See, the freebie! [In case you missed it, scroll up and look to the right of the sharpener in the box photo, that sneaky chap]

The first item we'll check out is the brush.  It's their slanted liner brush, retails at $18.00.  It's a smallish sized angled eyeliner/brow brush that you could find at Coastal Scents, BHCosmetics, ebay etc.  It's ferrule is tight and the bristles have enough give to keep their shape but not be rough.  I actually like this one quite a bit.

Slanted Liner brush, courtesy of Starlooks
Next up is the gel liner.  I love this shade.  Now there are liners and there are liners...this is definitely in the latter category as it is stunning.  The color is Orion (most of their longwear gel liners/Eyeliner Pots have celestial names).  It retails for $13.00 and on my covet list are Mars and Galaxy, a brick and rose gold, respectively.  This is a deep, rich, metallic teal.  Be still my AV node.

It's a typical glass jar, ingredients for items listed on the boxes, as you'll see here in a few photos down.  The standout feature about this box is the performance of this liner.  It's just a doozy.

Here is a quick swatch.  It doesn't have silver glitter in it- the metallic factor is just beautiful.  This is that beautiful deep teal eyeliner you've always wanted.

Here is a closer swatch so you can see a bit more of the color.  I don't have a single complaint about this item.  It really is lovely.

Orion, courtesy of Starlooks (does not do it justice)
Ingredients, as promised....psst- 3.5 grams is 0.5 grams MORE than a MAC Fluidline.

Next up is the 5 pan eyeshadow palette in the shade, "Monaco".  This retails for $41.00.  Are you kidding me?  I really think these prices are inflated.  For the record, they are a bit scratchy at the surface, similar to a NYX pan...but they do fairly well, like ramen noodle well.  I mean, you love em, they're not the greatest, but you keep buying it.  That's how I feel about these eyeshadows- they're great if you don't expect Dior, but for $41.00 it's a stretch.  Thankfully, my Starbox was only $15.00 per month for EVERYTHING, which with tax is $17.68 per box.  That's the way to do it, friends!  Also if you're nervous about parabens, Starbox is not for you- these aren't vegan/paraben-free products.

More ingredients- this time for the 5 pan palette.  Each pan is a tad over 2g for a total of 11g per palette.

Monaco palette, courtesy of Starlooks
(this image is most accurate, my saturation is off due to indoor yellowed lighting)

Here are some individual swatches, natural daylight- and for a primer I used MAC's creme colour base in Shell.

Here is a quick eye look I created using the Monaco palette:  Lo siento por la mascara- it is a bit of a clumpy mess, but seriously I just did this real quick to test out the colors and a little mascara never hurt anyone....much :)

For my first Starbox order I am really happy with it.  It's well worth the $15.00 subscription price.  Shoot, even if the makeup wasn't as lovely, it's still a good deal.  Overall value of the box is: $74.79.  Hot dang- that is a lot of money!  Thankfully- you get full-size products and they all perform quite well.  I honestly don't have much of a gripe at all.  I even love the little crystals- a bit of a cute touch.

I hope you subscribe to Starbox too- I think you'll find a lot of things to love, for a very affordable price.

Have a great day,


Lorraine Versini said...

Love the look you came up with, and that eyeliner, ooooh THAT eyeliner ♥ Sounds like a good box to subscribe to, seems good value for money ! Have you had more boxes since ?

Lorraine Versini said...

Duh forgot to enable the follow up thingy - done now :)

Lorraine Versini said...

Oh dear, double DUH lol - I read the date as November... Please disregard my question, Tianne. Am off to bed now lol. It's better for all of us !

Baroque In Babylon said...

Lorraine!! Hello! Isn't that a great liner? So far I've gotten this Starbox and the February 2014 Starbox which I'll post soon. I also get Ipsy. Supposedly the March Starboxes have gone out, but I'm not sure.

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Baroque In Babylon said...

^^ Lol spam comments, so annoying.