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Sunday, March 2, 2014

My favorite metal: Rose Gold

Hi there,

Rose gold.  Oh yes.  It's not gold or copper- it's like a pinkish gold mixed with blush.  It's all over the place and I get irritated because I love something and then suddenly, it's everywhere.  I've loved rose gold for years and it's hot right now.  Here are some of my favorites.  I'll start first with this heinous photo from 6pm.  I don't know who would pair this with a chambray lumberjack blouse and velvety payless-lookin' hooker heels, but okay...

Lucky Brand skinny jeans, Charlie
Then for the rich girl in all of us....a beautiful metallic over $500 KitchenAid mixer.  Won't mix better for the extra price but you'll look fancy, oh yes, you will.

Add some sequins and laser cut heels and dang girl, you fine.

Easton Events & Belle Sigerson Morrison heels

Why can't I have drapes that look like I pulled them out of a trunk in a circus wagon?  Who makes the rules anyway on this stuff.  Glittery sequin curtains?  Yes, ma'am.

Easton Events
Even though glitter polishes are murder to remove (use alum. foil with cotton balls soaked in nail polish remover like little hats for your fingers, leave for a few mins then remove the glitter like butter)...this is beautiful.  Pair this with Orly 'Rage' and you got some rose gold tips!

China Glaze, 'Glam' or you can try Essie 'A Cut Above' layered with Orly 'Rage' 
I love long, sparkly heirloom looking earrings.  I want to channel my inner countess who lives in a castle and wear these to Wal-Mart.

Or I can be delicate about it and wear these instead.

Kate Spade
Or we can throw delicacy out the window and go whole hog- roses, napkins, fountains of flowers, and gazebos all over the joint!  ROSE GOLD!

Amaze-balls wedding
 And of course the fiasco of marketing that was supposed to be fabulous- the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette...best of the bunch.
Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
Get your bling on with rose gold Swarovski crystals.  I'm going to glue them to my eyelids and go around signing Gwen Stefani songs.

Oh won't this look pretty in my hair or around my scrubs.  Yes, rose gold nursing outfit!

Blush/Champagne dress to wear the sash with....oh heaven.

Vera Wang 2010 Wedding Collection
MAC's Rose Gold pigment is too dark and bronze, but Melon is a beautiful peachy copper that is beautiful!

MAC Melon pigment
Or if you've got the Deluxe Shadow Box from Urban Decay, get a little Scratch on top of your peepers for some rose gold goodness.  If you put Baked in the center of your lid it's even better.
Urban Decay Scratch eyeshadow [Deluxe Shadow Box]
Now I know it doesn't look like rose gold.  You're thinking that mauve with gold flecks is not the right shade...but when you match this with your skin you get a rose gold flush that is gorgeous.  It's not too orange or pink.  Nars blush in Sin is worth every.stinking.2400.pennies.

Nars Blush in Oasis
MAC's lipstick in Ramblin' Rose isn't this granny plays bingo orange and gold- it's this beautiful pinky gold that looks just like rose gold on your lips.

MAC Ramblin Rose
And if you're broke from all of the above, $3.00 will get you a latte or it'll get you this beautiful baked eyeshadow from ELF.
Elf Baked Eyeshadow in Enchanted
Now I'll be quiet and photo spam- Rose Gold Rose Gold Rose Gold....

Pumpkin and Poppy, VeggieBeauty
iPhone case

Tabitha Simmons, Evita
Morganite and Rose gold, hotcha mama!
Rose gold mosaic glass
Bling it On, Nails Inc @ Sephora
Benefit Rockateur Boxed Blush
Get your craft on!

Krylon Metallic Spray Paint- Copper
Pennies Copper glitter, Etsy
Now for some famous faces going rose gold

Pam Anderson
Charlize Theron
Kim Kardashian
Rosie Huntington-Whitely
Oh gracious these are great- I love her...

Katy Perry duckin'

Katy Perry, get outta mah face
Katy Perry and her rose gold hair
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lawrence
Jessica Simpson
Okie doke- I love rose gold.  That about sums it up.  Now I am waiting for rose gold nachos, hair color, and toilet paper.  Then I'll be all set.

Have a great day,


Tiffanie Michele said...

Katy Perry is my girl!
All that glitters!

Caroline Araujo said...

That China Glaze rose gold polish is EVERYTHING! I MUST get it! Thank you for sharing.



Baroque In Babylon said...

@ Tiff- Oh I looove Katy Perry- Jeffie and I are going in Sept- yes, yes, yes!

@ Caroline- GORGEOUS right? Thank you for reading- let me know if you get it! I like Essie's A Cut Above too!