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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Matching MAC Lip Trio for Liner, Lipstick, and Lip Gloss! Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Dynamo, Girl About Town Lipstick, and Pink Poodle Lipglass!

Hi there!

I love me some bright pink.  I feel like a bright pink lipstick is fitting for anyone- it's cute on little girls when they play dress up and it's charming on older ladies, kinda sassy at all ages in between.  I think it's a versatile shade that can be worn at the office if it's a matte and if you have smaller lips.  I think it's perfect for a date or just for a day at the beach.  It makes me think someone who would wear bright pink is happy and open-minded.  I love bright pink lipstick!

Here is some of my inspiration for sharing the matching MAC lip trio for today-

Gumballs! [Google]
I've already shared the lip liner, Pro Longwear lip pencil in Dynamo.  It's a true vivid magenta.  My review is HERE.  But for fun, here's the swatch photo so you can see the bright color.  Meow!

The other items in this lip trio have a less pink lean and instead are a more purple pink- fuchsia without the almost yellow undertone some bright pinks have.  First up, Pink Poodle Lipglass by MAC.  This is a semi-opaque color, tends to be a bit tacky on the mouth as lipglasses tend to be, and has a nice gold shimmer that doesn't get in the way of the bright color.

Pink Poodle, courtesy of MAC
Pink Poodle, courtesy of MAC
Pink Poodle: 4.8g, $15.00 "Pink fuchsia with pinky-gold shimmer"

I paired Pink Poodle with Girl About Town.  Man, who doesn't own this color?  I think it's the one everybody loves next to Russian Red.  It's a pretty fuchsia with a violet tone that makes it great on just about everyone.  

Girl About Town, courtesy of MAC
Girl About Town, courtesy of MAC
Girl About Town: 3g, $16.00 "Bright blue fuchsia"

Here are the two together- a near identical shade match that goes together perfectly.  I like how a lip gloss can add that punch of shine and make some lipsticks more comfortable.

Here are some close up swatches so you can see the gold in Pink Poodle.

Here are all three together.  Dynamo is a different shade family, but unless you get the chromagraph in Magenta, this is about your only option for a MAC hot pink lip pencil.  However, it works with this trio because Girl About Town covers it nicely and they don't clash when worn together.

Here are all three- worn together!  I love how bright and glossy this combo is.  Go pink!

Just for fun, I swatched MAC's Impassioned against Girl About Town.  Sometimes colors can look so similar, it's hard to tell the subtle differences.  Impassioned is more of a juicy watermelon pink whereas Girl About Town is a vivid violet toned fuchsia.  If you're trying to debate between the two, do you want a true pink or a more purple?  If pink, go for Impassioned.  If purple, go for Girl About Town.  Or heck, get both.

Hope you have a great weekend.  It's rainy and windy where I live and I have a couple of study guides to do, a paper, and a review and a care plan.  I love school and all, but dang, I could use a vacation.

Have a great day,


CardSparkle said...

Such a juicy looking combo! I think I'll wear a hot pink lip tomorrow, thanks for the inspiration

Baroque In Babylon said...

You bet! I love a bold hot pink glossy lip!