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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

MAC + Lorde! Collection coming May 2014!

Hi there!

Oh exciting- if you like Lorde and MAC- if you don't, then you won't give a flying fig about this post.  Lorde and MAC are teaming up to bring a little collection your way summer/May-ish 2014.  She achieved her mega-flattering purple lip by mixing "MAC Pro Lipmix in Black mixed with Lipstick in Smoked Purple" and Honeylust eyeshadows"-

The look of Lorde at the Brit Awards
Courtesy of Vogue, here is Lorde's take on the new collection: 
"I have loved MAC Cosmetics since I was a little kid. I remember saving up to buy my very first MAC lipstick [the pale pink Snob] at 14, and it was used by about 20 of my friends," said Lorde - "MAC has a very clear aesthetic that has always felt fashion-forward to me. So I was really excited to work with them on these products, which I use pretty much every day and night. I hope you will too."

Lorde, Grammys 2014
Amber Dreardon is Lorde's makeup artist and at the 2014 Grammy's she also wore MAC for a signature lip.  This little tidbit is courtesy of InStyle

 "After creating a flawless canvas and adding subtle 
definition around the eye area, Dreadon picked up MAC‘s 
Lip Pencil in Vino to trace Lorde’s pout. She then mixed 
the dark aubergine lipstick in Cyber with MAC’s recently- 
revamped Heroine shade to create a custom indigo color."

The face chart is above and here are some pics of Lorde's signature style of deep aubergine lips and subtle face with a few natural looks tossed in for good measure- just so you know her mouth isn't naturally the color of a pretty door in Capri...

Sooty nails like they were dipped in ash, dark lips, shades of gold and rose and pale skin- I like her simple aesthetic.  Her face has this quirky alien quality with it's wide set eyes, narrow jar and slanted mouth.  I appreciate that she's unique and quirky.

Product lineup for MAC will probably include a repromo of Cyber or Heroine or something...with catchy names like the eyeliner changed to 'Lorde it Up'...who knows.  I'd love to see the sculpting powders featured, a nice mineralize skinfinish with an L on it or something...and please, please MAC some cool packaging.  Studded would be nice.

To close, here's the uber catchy Royals- I know you've heard it.  I'ma post in anyways!

Here are some products that will match Lorde's looks, should you want to take a gander:

MAC Cyber lipstick and Nightmoth liner
Nyx Highlight/Contour Powder
L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara
MAC Harmony Blush
Smashbox Brow Tech palette, Brunette
Nyx Dewy Finish Setting Spray
And some face charts a la Lorde from Pinterest:

Products recommended for that Lorde look- Face sculpting powder in a neutral beige to contour the face, highlighting powder with some gleam to emphasize cheekbones, a very neutral blush with a beige undertone, and a deep dark lip with lengthening mascara.  Keep it simple and natural, the focus should be on the skin and the mouth.  I love how structured but how easy to create Lorde's look is.

C'mon summer, bring me some Lorde lipstick!

Have a great day!


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