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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Little Lazies Etsy Shop: Or How I Adopted a Little Lazy Named Wicked Wanda! Also Little Lazy Giveaway for YOU!

Hi there!

I first saw Little Lazies via Wendi at www.wendizombie.net and I thought to myself, 'That little thing is dang cute!"  So then I ordered one.  When they arrive in a few (about 2 1/2) weeks, you'll get a cute little box hand drawn for you.  If you're interested, open a new window using the link below and pick one out- you'll love the surprise of getting a new friend in the mail (I ordered two more, one for my daughter and one for a friend I loved them so much).

Etsy Shop
They are around $19.00-20.00 US for each 2"-3" tall figure.  They're hand sculpted, made out of clay, and have such expressive, sweet faces- they are nostalgic and whimsical to me- I appreciate that they are so charming and well made.

Here's what happens when you open up the hand illustrated box!

Darling return label complete with monster smiling away.

Each little creature comes with an adoption card giving you a name and likes and dislikes.  Apparently mine has issues with winter.  Yeah, me too- boo to snow.

As I am a nurse (NCLEX in June!) I wanted something that looked like a reaaaally bad ER day so I picked the zombie version.  Leah Lazy offers all kinds of Little Lazies:  cupcakes, mustachio'd, pirate, zombie, cyclops, little owls....I know you'll find one you like.

Wanda has glitter on the brain (like me), freckles, pink eyeballs, one blue horn and a really long and exposed radius.  Let's assess and diagnose Wanda a bit:

Small, orange colored female, age unknown, presents with open cranial wound with exposed brain matter, exophthalmos with right orbital enlargement, unilateral horn on the right side, evisceration of heart and bowels, and large open fracture of the right wrist.

Super cute!  Polish is Orly Rage.

Waving goodbye!  Pick up a Little Lazy for yourself- they're fun and nothing beats getting a cute little monster in the mail.  I want to get one for all of my kids- even my 16 year old son.

The back of the Lazy isn't as polished.  I am a bit of a perfectionist so the exposed cracks in the clay and fingerprints could've been smoothed easily, so I'm not sure why they weren't.  It's not a complaint per se other than it takes away from the overall quality of the product as it is a three-dimensional item.

The bottom of our cute little thing- sits flat and even, not a wobble in sight.  Also these aren't very heavy and I have set mine on my vanity because I hate for it to get broken.

Did you find a Little Lazy?  I have this compulsion to buy like 6 more just to see what I get.  I love surprises and these are just too fun to open up!

I'd like to offer a Little Lazy giveaway which will close April 1 (no joke).  A single Little Lazy figurine will be purchased by me via the Etsy store and once you win, I will contact you for shipping details. This is not a sponsored giveaway.  I just love the Lazies that much :)

Here is what is needed to get a Little Lazy of your very own:

1.  Comment with your favorite Lazy & favorite beauty product
2.  Like Baroque in Babylon on Facebook

Just two steps- easy peasy!  Good luck and I will create a random generator to select the winner.  I will contact you via this blog post so check back April 1st!  Thanks so much!

Have a great day!


Meg B said...

They are so adorable, I have to enter! My favorite Lazy on the site is the Steampunk one. And favorite beauty product is reeeally hard but I'm going to go with Urban Decay's Primer Potion - I would be lost without it!

Jennifer Slagle said...

I love the pirate lazies, they are adorable, well all of them are! Also my favorite beauty product is mascara! can't live without it.

Normal Girl Nails said...

What an awesome giveaway! I love the Cyclops Little Lazies - SO CUTE! I bought a cyclops and a zombie as a bday gift to myself, but I didn't put them in the best place ever and my hubs knocked them over. Of course, they both broke! :( I can fix them with some glue, but I get so depressed when I look at them, I haven't yet! I didn't even manage to keep them intact for a week!

I don't know that I can tell you 1 favorite beauty product, but I guess I can tell you a few of my faves! ;) I swear by Yes to Carrots mint lip butter - I have one in every room of the house, plus my purse and put it on under every lipstick and lipgloss I wear. I have never finished a lip product except for this - it's amazing! I also am in love with MAC's Volcanic Ash Scrub. I think I would throw away every other skin care product away if I could keep that one!

I'm a newer reader to your blog, but I have REALLY enjoyed your MAC lip combos!! <3

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