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Saturday, March 15, 2014

February 2014 Starbox by Starlooks: Open Up With Me!

Hi there!

Come open the February 2014 Starbox with me.  I'm excited to see what's inside!  If you're interested in subscribing, check out the right sidebar.  Starbox is a monthly subscription for $15 that will get you three full-size products from Starlooks.

The box this month is standard cardboard colored with silver metallic tie and font.

The look is all about metallics and futurism, okay, card noted above for blog header- now, get me to the good stuff.

At first glance I thought that thing in the upper right was pantyhose.  I thought- they are sending me stockings?!  Nude ones?  Keep opening with me and we'll get it figured out.  See the freebie?

First up!  A nice pigment in the shade Wall Street.  It's a sooty charcoal black with silver reflects.  Retails for $17.00.

They are smaller than a MAC pigment but the packaging is sleek.  You open it to find a small sifter hole that allows for a bit of product.  I like the opacity and payoff.  

Swatch on bare skin, natural sunlight.  I like this one.  It is a deep, solid color with a nice metallic edge with the silver sparkle.

Next the weird pantyhose thing.  It's actually a fabric headband.  I appreciate this because I don't own a lot of headbands and I'm tired of my hair getting in the way when I do my makeup.  At first this was a flop item, but now I'm happy with it.  Score!

Next up, a full-size lipstick in the shade Lilu.  It's a creamy metallic orange based bronze.  Thankfully it's not full on metal in texture.  I mean, David Bowie is not my everyday look.  So instead this is a lovely metallic neutral that you can pair with other shades to give it a bit of punch.

The texture is similar to a Nyx Round lipstick, but not as creamy.  It has less shine and feels less wet on the lips.

Below is a hand swatch, three swipes to get that dense of a color.  It's truly not as frightening as it looks.  I used it as a basis lip for my Bronze glitter look the other day.  Retail on this is $12.00.

The real fave is the cream eyeshadow.  I couldn't find these on Starlooks' website, so either they're new or not listed.  I would gather the price is no lower than $9.00- that brings the box's value to about $38!  As I paid $15.00 and received a headband and a fun little freebie item, I'm a-okay with that.

The shade is a taupe duochrome with a pink shift.  It is super nice.  Check it out.

Look how pretty this is.  I only swiped this once to get such opacity.  I am really pleased with how nice of a product this is.  I haven't tested it for longevity or creasing so I can't say much on that, but I really like the color.

The freebie is a little crystal- not as wide as the last month's but still cool.  I like it.

Thanks for opening up my Starbox with me!  If you're interested, try them for a month and see if you like their products too.  I am excited to see what I get next month- it better not be pantyhose.

Have a great day,


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