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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Technicolor Kitchen with Tomodachi Knives: Hampton Forge Anondized Rainbow Knife set Review!

Tomodachi Knife Set by Hampton Forge

Hi there!

I have been trying to add a few bright touches to my kitchen.  I went through this phase where I felt it wasn't quite grown up or sophisticated to have brights.  I felt black, beige, gold, and neutrals were more proper, but then it hit me:  "this is MY house and if I like hot pink in my kitchen, so be it!"  So along with a few eye-popping items, I picked up the Hampton Forge Tomodachi knife set.

The special part of these knives are that they have anondized titanium coated blades.  I purchased mine on Amazon and here's what is said about these knives:

"Literally meaning "friend", Tomodachi represents a lively, helpful presence in the kitchen. Splashes of color, useful features and lasing quality make Tomodachi welcome friends inside kitchens everywhere. Like a good friend, Tomodachi makes life easier and playfully adds some fun. Accessible and affordable without compromising the promise of quality. This Tomodachi knife series features bright colors and Titanium-plated blades. Set includes 7-Inch santoku with green handle and blade guard, 6-Inch all purpose knife with orange handle and blade guard, 5-Inch serrated utility knife with purple handle and blade guard, 3.5-Inch parer with yellow handle and blade guard, 3-Inch santoku with blue handle and blade guard."
I loved their brightness and although I would rather have the handles be metal or one color, I think the bright color scheme is easy to find in a kitchen and fun.

Here is a look at each knife, with guards on and off:

I found that each knife guard slipped on easily.  The only one that gave me a bit of trouble was the 6" Santoku guard, but after a day of it being on, it removed and replaced with ease.  I was surprised at how sharp and effective these knives are.  They do have heft, but are fairly light.  They aren't full tang throughout the blade like some heavier knives are, but I bought these for vegetables and quick work, not steak and meat carving.

The anondized blades however are gorgeous!  They flash and catch the light and my kids love them.  I find them to be unique and eye-catching and if you are looking for new knives, these are a great loose set.  I paid $24.99 with Amazon Prime and received them in 2 days in plastic bound cardboard packaging.

Here's a close up of the 6" Santoku blade and guard:

I laid out the knives so you can see them next to each other.  I didn't edit the saturation of the photos at all- they are this rainbow fabulous when you get them!

The edges of the knives do vary.  The 6" Santoku has a sharp, even edge and the 3" and 5" utility has a serrated edge. The parer and all-purpose are smooth edged like the larger Santoku.  I find the serration to be not so invasive that it shreds tomatoes and such.  These are sharp, cleanly made knives that rival more expensive professionally forged knives.

The water marks on the blade is from water that I hand dried as I was chopping the spinach.  I recommend hand washing these blades and not putting them in your dishwasher.  It's like your bra, sure you can machine wash it, but if you want it to last, gentle hand washing is best.

The width of the knives is consistent, fairly thin but not fragile or cheap feeling.  I like that they are easy to handle and the acrylic handles are nice and smooth with a good grip.  These aren't flimsy knives that will fall out of your hands.  

Here is another close up of the blades showing the Tomodachi imprint and the Hampton Forge logo:

I love these knives and found them to be really helpful when I was whipping up food for the Super Bowl.  I could see these being an affordable but chic wedding gift or a great Valentine's day gift for that chef in your life.  I've decided that brights are in for my kitchen and who doesn't need a set of rainbow knives in their cooking arsenal?

Have a great day,

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