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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Matching MAC Lip Trios: Lasting Sensation Lip Pencil, CB96 Lipstick, and Posh It Up Plushglass Review and Swatches!

Hi there!

Remember how I mentioned I love getting things in sets?  It's not like I have to have all of something, but it's more appropriate or soothing to my OCD little heart to get things in multiples, like threes.  Perfect example, lip products!  I feel more 'complete' if I have a liner, lipstick, and gloss.  This compulsion has had me on a MAC-hunt to drum up some matching lip trios that go beautifully together.

My first bright combo is a fave- coral.  Oh man, Vegas Volt, Crosswires, Ever Hip, Costa Chic....on and on....but no one mentions CB96.  What color is that?  By MAC?  Yep, it's mentioned as being an orange, but I think it's a gorgeous, shimmery almost frosted coral that gives your lips a pop.  Add Lasting Sensation lip pencil and a nice golden pink of Posh It Up Plushglass and I fell in love.

Take a look!

Lip Pencil:
Lasting Sensation is described as 'bright coral' and it is.  It's a perfectly vivid coral-orange.  I lurves it.  It glides on smoothly, holds its color and doesn't bleed, even with lipstick on top.  $15.00 1.45g

CB96 is described as 'bright pinky orange with pearl'...to me pinky orange = coral.  It's a Frost lipstick by MAC and it doesn't conjure up Palm Beach 1985.  It's a nice, shimmering color where the pearl lends a plumping visual effect that keeps your lips from looking flat.  $16.00 3g

I love how this is no where near the actual lipstick color...
oh MAC your online swatches amuse me!

Lip gloss:
Posh It Up- it's like Nymphette but more pink, a bit deeper pink if you will.  It's barely noticeable and in the jar you'd swear they're twins.  But they're not, Posh It Up is a more rosy version.  I'll do a comparison post soon so you can see what I mean.  $20.00 4.2 mL

Here are all three, in matching heaven- I was really happy with how coordinated these three look together.  

I can usually get 4-5 hours of wear that looks freshly applied if I don't eat or drink much.  The Frost formula is a bit more sheer and will need more touch ups.  I purchased this using my MACPro account, which made the total cost $33.00 with the shipping included.  Overall, I find MAC lipsticks to hold up their color longer than drugstore formulas and the vanilla scent is very slight, making it almost a non-factor.

I can see myself wearing this combo in the Spring when I want it to be warm outside- what do you think? Would you wear this trio?

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Margo @ PrettyPanda said...

wow your lips look totally and completely gorgeous. Love your blog!

Baroque In Babylon said...

Thank you Margo! Welcome!! Glad you found me :)