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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Matching MAC Lip Trios: Chicory Lip Pencil, Carnal Instinct Lipstick, and Hellbound Lipglass! Review + Swatches!

Hi there!

Give me a finished lip and I seriously swoon.  I've been known to swipe on some lip gloss and then get irritated it's gone in 20 minutes.  I feel like having a 'finished' lip makes all the difference in how it looks.  It's less sloppy, seems to fade less, and defines the mouth more cleanly.  Or maybe I'm justifying how much money I spend on lipstick- your call.

The matching MAC lip trio for today is Chicory lip pencil, Carnal Instinct lipstick, and Hellbound lipglass. It's a deep brick layered with persimmon combination that leans a bit on some gold to give it punch.  I feel like the word brick is tossed around- here is my reference for this look, a bit of brick and gold with a slightly warm cast to it.

Courtesy of Google
Not your old Ultima II naked super brown lip- more of a deeper version with a hint of red and gold pearl. It's a great combo to wear to go bite someone.  (Please bite responsibly) 

Chicory- $15.00 for 1.45 g "soft muted peachy-brown", permanent line

Chicory, courtesy of MAC
Chicory, courtesy of MAC

Carnal Instinct- $16.00 for 3g "deep brick red with gold pearl", permanent line  Ha ha look how flat and fuzzy that lipstick swatch appears.  Oh yes, sign me up for that.  It's like putting shoe leather on your mouth. Oh MAC, update your online swatches.  Wait, don't.  They entertain.

Carnal Instinct, courtesy of MAC
Carnal Instinct, courtesy of MAC

Above is the lipstick a bit blurry so you can see the color variation in it.  Yeah, nice!  This shade is a frost formula, which means it's not all chock full of Xanadu lookin' glitter, but instead has a gleamy pearl to its finish.  It's like 'O' but less purple.  This is really a more brick red leaning shade with a nice brown overtone to it.

Okay so it's not your eyeballs on this next photo- I was shakey (ahem, caffeine to stay awake for school/clinicals) so I took this like I was running down the street- sorry.  Upside!  You can see the nice gold pearl to the lipstick!

Hellbound- $15.00 for 4.8g "brick red with gold pearl", limited edition and came out with the Magnetic Nude collection.  I hate that name.  It makes me think of naked people stuck to a big metal wall with magnets.  Ahem.

Hellbound, courtesy of MAC
Hellbound, courtesy of MAC
Some good ol' swatches on my wrist so you can see what you're getting yourself into-

Now because you've seen the two and some product swatches, this is all three layered together- brace ye'selves!

This is such a sophisticated take on the red lip.  If you're darker skinned the gold will come out.  If you're more fair, the color will look deeper.  If you're shy of a true fire-engine red mouth, maybe this could warm you up to the idea of a brighter, less neutral mouth.

This is in slightly darker light so you can see how it deepens to a more maroon shade.  It takes a less red cast.  This would look beautiful with a black dress, gladiator heels, and some candlelight.  I would also be careful to use concealer around the mouth as the red tends to glow a bit, looking like it's bleeding off the lipline.  It's not necessarily making a mess of itself, but I find with bolder colors a more crisp lip line looks cleaner.

And because 65 photos of my lips weren't overkill enough- here are two without editing.  I like to show these because it shows what the products really look like without all the light adjusting and such.

Any matching lip sets you're dreaming of?  My next lemming is Hip n' Happy lip pencil, Plink! lipstick, and Sugarrimmed Dazzleglass.  Hopefully I can pick it up soon.

Have a great day,


Jewellsparkle said...

Mmmm delicious combination! I really need to check out chicory.

Baroque In Babylon said...

Thank you! It was a fun set to try out!